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React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications by Stoyan Stefanov is one of the most popular and recommended ReactJS books and an ideal book for our first ever book review! The quality of the book should come as no surprise, given Stoyan Stefanov works at Facebook as web dev and has released other best selling books like JavaScript Patterns and Object-Oriented JavaScript. He is also famous for creating smushit(image-optimization tool) and working on YSlow.

Learning ReactJS from the official Facebook page cane be very confusing. React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications however makes this process much easier. It starts you off at the very basics of a React.js application and takes you all the way to more complex applications that make use of Reactjs Components, Jest for testing and much more. Although the book does not answer certain specific questions like what module bundler you should use, it is a very practical and hands on book that gets you started with the process of working with ReactJS building blocks and lets you figure out the rest. Which is great as it focuses on the basic and that is getting started with React.

React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications comes in at about 222 pages, which is perfect as this book does not drag on and on and you are able to finish it fast enough so that you do not loose interest or get lost in all the technical jargon. It is also detailed enough and doesn’t come across as just an extended blog-post. Obviously, knowledge of JavaScript is a big help as is being a bit versed in ES6(no worries as what is needed is detailed in the book). All the code is also available at GitHub so you can compare your code or copy it if you chose. This is a godsend as you are not stuck at any moment in time wondering what went wrong with your code.

React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications is a good starting book on ReactJS. Work through the entire book and your ReactJS skills will be upgraded. Put in the effort and work through it, and you will be rewarded. React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications¬†will level you up and is high recommended just like the rest of Stoyan Stefanov‘s work. Hope you enjoyed our first ever book review! Be sure to look out for more to come and do leave us suggestions if you have any!

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