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Learn Refactoring 2024 – Best Refactoring Courses & Best Refactoring Tutorials

Best Refactoring Courses 2021


Best Refactoring Tutorials 2021

Refactoring to Design Patterns by Example

This course begins by examining a realistic application, which is poorly considered and does not incorporate design patterns. The demo app converts text to subtitles for videos, which makes it very useful in practice. Still, it is almost impossible to maintain and develop this app further, due to its poor structure and design.

This is when the course begins. As demo after demo goes, we’ll refactor this whole application, one function and one class at a time. When refactoring, many design patterns fit in almost effortlessly. By the end of the course, you will learn how code refactoring and design patterns – a coding practice and a design practice – can work together and help each other create a great design.

Pyramid of Refactoring (Java) – Clean Code Gradually

We use refactoring techniques and make all changes live. The student downloads the source code and makes all changes with the trainer – step by step. In this example, we are using Interpreter Design Pattern as the focus of our refactoring journey. The interpretive model is accompanied by two creative design models – Factory Method and Fluent Builder, which are also the result of refactoring activities. SOLID principles will be explained in practice instead of just teaching theory.

The course allows us to practice code transformations such as:

– Replace the loop with the flux
– Extract the delegate / class
– Extract the interface
– Extract the parameter object
– Replace the method by the object of the method
– Extraction method / variable
– Travel method
– Online method / variable

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