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Learn SceneKit 2024 – Best SceneKit Courses & Best SceneKit Tutorials

Best SceneKit Courses 2021


Best SceneKit Tutorials 2021

Augmented Reality apps with ARKit and SceneKit on iOS

ARKit was released in June 2017 by Apple and instantly grew to become the largest AR platform with 350 million compatible devices. ARKit makes it much easier for developers to code augmented reality applications than ever before.

Discover the future of programming with ARKit today and be in demand! AR is disrupting the world and will very soon become a mass market. Don’t wait for the crowds, be a leader and innovator in this exciting new field:

Augmented reality will change everything we know in the coming years

So what will you learn?

This course will teach you:

● How to design 3D objects and text with and without code

● Primitive geometries, colors / textures / materials, lights, animations, physics and particle systems.

● Physics-based rendering for a realistic appearance

● How to use Scenekit’s integrated physics engine

ARKit fundamentals:

● Surface recognition (floor, tables, walls, etc.)

● Image detection (posters, paintings, postcards, magazines, book covers, business cards …)

● Spatial sound for immersive experiences

● Image detection and tracking

● Automatic environment texture

● Face tracking and animation (requires iPhone X, Xs, XsPlus or Xr)


You can try out all the ARKit projects that you are going to learn now on your device. Search for “ Augmented Reality App ” on the App Store.


All source codes and 3D design materials are included and easy to reuse in your applications and business projects – This will save you countless hours, which is priceless
In addition, you will learn the key concepts of a good user experience in augmented reality applications!

People crave amazing AR experiences, but today there is a lack of “Killer AR Apps” on the App Store. It’s a huge opportunity to get in early before it becomes a crowded space!

Big brands are looking for skilled ARKit developers because augmented reality is already available on 380 million iOS devices, but the technology is so new that there is a shortage of trained iOS ARKit developers.

AR games have been gaining popularity since Pokemon Go, but even in games there is a dearth of good AR apps that people love. What is your idea for an application? Could that make you the next app millionaire ?!


After completing this course, you will be ahead of the game! The mobile AR market is poised to grow exponentially, so you’ll be well positioned to dominate the AR apps section of the AppStore and hopefully bring your creative ideas to life in a matter of weeks with ARKit.

ARKit is here to stay, and we are only at the beginning because all the big brands are investing heavily in augmented reality platforms. Apple is betting big on ARKit and wants to deliver your awesome ARKit apps ASAP!



● Design 3D shapes and add colors using the scene editor (no code required, endless possibilities!)
● Build exactly the same thing with code using only SWIFT 4.1 and Apple’s SceneKit Framework.
● Create animated scenes using SCNActions (with and without code yet!)
● Physics


● Horizontal surface detection
● Vertical surface detection
● Image detection
● Shadows
● Occlusion: make objects disappear behind a door or under a table
● Spatial sound: For truly immersive augmented reality experiences, use 3D sound to delight your users
● AR game
● Design with particle systems: add smoke, fire, stars and more to your AR scenes
● Measure distances from the real world with iPhone.
● Create optical illusions!
● Face tracking and animation
● Play videos in AR
● Use Arkit for virtual reality: play 360 videos


● display 2D content and build AR applications using SpriteKit

Introduction to SpriteKit in a simple section. Learn how to use SpriteKit with ARKit to display simple 2D elements such as text and emojis.

Programming in augmented reality can be overwhelming at first glance, but this course will give you the confidence to build your own AR apps and develop your coding skills using Apple’s latest and greatest ARKit framework step by step. at your own pace.

● We will design a 3D drone from scratch in Xcode and fly it around the user

● We will throw fireballs to destroy a brick pyramid, right from your living room!

●We’re going to build a portable hole like in Roger Rabbit! (this one is actually a challenge, are you up to it?)

● We will create and animate a 3D face using the latest hardware from Apple: iPhone X, Xs, Xs Plus or Xr and perform AR on selfie camera on people’s faces like in Instagram and Snapchat stories. We will learn how to use filters and camera lenses to interact with people’s living emotions.

ARKit & SceneKit Fundamentals

AR is the core technology behind amazing apps like Pokémon Go, Snapchat animated emojis, and Instagram 3D stickers. And today we’re going to learn how to build augmented reality apps using ARKit in iOS 12 and Swift 4. In this series, you will learn everything you need to know to create your own cool ARKit games. Of course, we’ll be using SceneKit a lot as well. We’ll go over the basics of augmented reality and Apple’s ARKit. We apply the lessons and create an app that adds 3D models to the world using different methods.

In doing so, you will learn to:

add and delete objects;

use airplane detection;

add soil, textures and materials;

Measuring distance;

build the drawing application in ARKit;

build an AR joystick.

The code for this demo is also available on GitHub.

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