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Learn Sensu 2024 – Best Sensu Courses & Best Sensu Tutorials

Best Sensu Courses 2021


Best Sensu Tutorials 2021

Sensu – Intermediate

Sensu is a powerful next-generation surveillance framework that is rapidly replacing traditional surveillance systems such as Zabbix, Icinga, and Nagios.

More than just a beginner Sensu user? Ready to learn more?

This intermediate course will teach you the things you need to set up Sensu in production.

Real-time whiteboard interaction – learn as you would if I was right in front of you
In-depth overview and architectural recap
Deploy and configure Sensu with Configuration Management – I fully cover Chef / Puppet / Ansible / Salt
Set and filter loud alerts, keep your pager under control
Write Your Own Sensu Checks and Handlers – Live Code Demonstration
Security Walkthrough – Deploying SSL, Hardening API Endpoints
Advanced use of Sensu-cli and examples
Bonus: dynamic infrastructure monitoring by pushing your own custom events
Extensive show notes, stray images, and source code are open-source and on Github
Upon completion of the course, you will be ready to deploy a high-performance, secure, and optimized Sensu installation for your organization.

It’s one thing to read documents and get perfect copy and paste command line examples that work. It’s another thing to be in real life watching a real engineer battle a system live and try to make it work! I deliberately make mistakes just to show what happens when things go wrong. This gives me an excuse to fix the problem and then fix it. Then when you encounter the same error in your infrastructure, you will know exactly what to do!

For developers and operations

Curious System Administrators, DevOps Practitioners, Infrastructure Engineers, SREs, and Software Engineers should take this course to improve their craft and learn more about what makes Sensu special. It’s not your grandfather’s surveillance system. It is a modern, scalable and flexible surveillance system with a great API to integrate with your infrastructure.

This course is a must have for engineers who are currently or planning to deploy intro Sensu production. Expand the reach of your DevOps toolkit, sign up today and find out!

You will learn:

How to deploy Sensu with Configuration Management!
How to Write Your Own Sensu Checks and Managers!
Understanding of the Senus Pub / Sub model and how to leverage it
A solid (enhanced) understanding of Sensu’s architecture.

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