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Learn Spanish 2024 – Best Spanish Courses & Best Spanish Tutorials

Best Spanish Courses 2021


Best Spanish Tutorials 2021

Spanish for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1

Fully master the essentials of spanish in a few weeks, not years

No boring “Study”, only non-stop talk.

Join over 60,000 students in the best-selling spanish course on udemy!
What the students are saying:

El método allows you to:

► speak, uninterrupted, from the start.

► produce thousands of handy phrases for everyday use.
► easily absorb the structures and vocabulary at level a1.

► progress quickly, without needing to memorize or “study” in the traditional sense.

Let yourself be away by the method.

From the start, el método engages you in a non-stop oral dialogue that requires neither pencil nor paper. This beautifully simple resource lets you use and understand basic spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for tedious attempts at memorization or lengthy grammatical explanations. This is achieved through a world-class methodology designed by experts who build and practice the language in your mind and mouth, step by step, until you are able to form increasingly complex sentences with ease. .

Right from the start, you’ll speak your own phrases, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realizing it. The method guides you through basic spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.

Learn spanish naturally and quickly

At el método as in real life, learning is an ongoing process, not a series of separate subjects. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as students use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means these are acquired for life.

How does the course work?

El método, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken spanish. After each lesson there is a series of written exercises as well as an optional musical task.

We will engage you in an oral dialogue that does not require pen or paper. Talk, talk and talk. You will not stop speaking spanish from start to finish. It is the ideal system for beginners to learn spanish.

My goal with el método is for you to become “Addicted” to the program, thus mastering basic spanish as quickly as possible.

You will learn:
You will quickly build a solid foundation in spanish.
You will have a practical use of basic spanish within a few weeks.
You will produce and pronounce thousands of perfectly constructed sentences.
You will speak with good pronunciation due to the constant repetition and imitation of the native spanish speaker.
You will remember at least 98% of everything taught, thanks to the system of constantly repeating and retraining the new language.

Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced

This course is actually 4 courses in one. You will progress from a complete beginner to an advanced Spanish student. If you are not a beginner, we still have lessons for you!

In this course, you will find 323 videos covering vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and punctuation. These lessons break things down and cover topics in detail. This is Spanish for serious language learners who really want to learn Spanish.

323 lessons and over 109 hours of content! Each lesson has activities where:

You will have to put your knowledge to good use.

You will create with the language and speak.

You will be able to ask questions and get answers from language professionals.

By completing the entire course (all 4 levels) you will be able to get by in Spanish!

Speak with customers in Spanish.

Travel and use Spanish in one of 20 countries where more than 420,000,000 people speak it as their mother tongue.

Even use your Spanish in the United States where there are over 37,000,000 native Spanish speakers.

Discover the lessons! You have 30 days to try the entire course with 323 Spanish lessons. Udemy offers a money back guarantee, so you only pay if you’re happy with the course.

Study. Learn. Use. (Meet people from Colombia and have fun!)

In this comprehensive course, you will learn basic and advanced Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Learn Spanish – Conversational Spanish Rapid-Learning Method

The fast conversational Spanish learning method gives you the tools you need to communicate effectively and naturally with Spanish speakers all over the world in the shortest possible time.

This course takes you quickly from welcoming people and basic conversation to more complex situations and topics. It integrates:

Extensive video lectures, practice videos, and quizzes to provide you with modeling, rehearsal, and reinforcement to learn Spanish quickly and correctly.

Access print-ready PDFs so you can review what you’ve learned in your free time to keep your conversational Spanish skills up to date.

Direct access to your tutor and thousands of your course peers provide quick answers to all of your questions along the way.

What is the conversational fast learning method?
Unlike other Spanish courses for beginners, we focus more on everyday phrases and sentences that you can start using immediately and less on jargon and grammar concepts combined with an interesting, fun and interactive experience. . This speeds up your ability to start conversing in Spanish instantly and lets you absorb everything you learn faster and easier.

Our comprehensive program will help you learn essential conversational Spanish in a number of common situations. Starting with simple vocabulary that you can use when meeting people, to more complex vocabulary and sentences that will allow you to order meals, get directions, book a hotel room and many other skills useful tools that will make your travels in Spanish speaking countries more immersive and enjoyable, creating the best memories for years to come …

Our specially designed Spanish learning program allows you to:

Start speaking Spanish right away.

Absorb Spanish vocabulary and concepts intuitively.

Constantly practice what you learn, devoting new concepts and vocabulary to your long-term memory.

Organically move from basic sentence structures to more complex sentence structures.

Get the tools to ask questions and formulate sentences with confidence in all kinds of everyday situations.

How does this course work?
This course contains sections with the following elements including:

A conversational Spanish lesson

Two formats to review vocabulary (video and pdf)

And a quiz to test your performance

Our course does not require pen or paper, just a desire to learn! You will not stop speaking Spanish from start to finish. Our method is perfect for beginners or those who have already taken some Spanish in the past and are looking to pick it up again or just brush up on their skills!

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