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Learn Tamil 2024 – Best Tamil Courses & Best Tamil Tutorials

Best Tamil Courses 2021


Best Tamil Tutorials 2021

Learn Tamil Through English – Read, Write, Speak |130 lectures

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User comments on this course

It’s very in-depth and pedagocic – Bengt Eric Pell

It is very easy to understand. Methodically, the lessons are organized in a way that reinforces the student’s interest in the study material. – Thusara Wijesena

Easy to follow and the required repetition makes it simpler. – Revashni Moodley

They go step by step with me and it becomes very easy to learn this language. – Chandra Sekhar

Learn over 1000 words in over 14 hours of video and 500 pages of spreadsheets, learn to read, write.

Over 10 story readings were provided for reading practice

Updated monthly with additional content: Recent update: January 2019

Learning a new language is always a challenge. We can overcome any challenge when we are curious and passionate about it.

In today’s world, the Tamil language is the least important. Yet, many parents enjoy teaching Tamil to their children. Even if they do not know Tamil, with the help of technologies, they teach or learn Tamil.

The Tamil language is over 2000 years old. It has alphabets, consonants, a mixture of alphabets and consonants, and some borrowed consonants. We will learn the basic single letters and slowly increase the complexity and learn all the letters.

While learning we will learn a lot of vocabulary and phrases.

Every letter and every word will be written for better understanding.

Practical worksheets have been provided for each section. Please download and use it.

You will learn:
Students will learn to read, write and speak Tamil.
Can recognize all letters in Tamil language
Can understand, read and write basic essential words
Learn 90% of the vocabulary used daily
Over 500 pages of spreadsheets with solutions

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