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Best Visual Basic courses 2024

Best Visual Basic courses 2023

Best Visual Basic tutorials 2023

Learning Visual Basic .NET – A Guide To VB.NET Programming

This Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) training course from will teach you to program from scratch with Visual Basic. You will start by learning how to install and use the Visual Studio development environment. The course will then teach you how to create classes that define properties, methods, and events in VB.NET, as well as understand and use overloaded methods and operators, and perform calculations. This video tutorial will also cover topics such as debugging programs, using data types, branching and looping instructions, and using object-oriented routines, functions, and techniques. You will learn how to use LINQ to select, edit, and sort information, as well as easily read and write data to files. Finally, you will learn how to print and print previews. Once you have completed this VB.NET training course, you will be fully able to program with Visual Basic.NET. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons. This is one of the best VB.NET courses in 2023.

VB.NET with VS 2017 and Windows Forms

This is a course for those who are ready to push their limits. This is not a “basic” introduction that gives an overly simplified perspective on VB. In some places, this code connects to the .NET framework, which is a professional-level codebase written in C #. Take this course and you will discover details that are not taught in any other course for this easy to understand language. From experience, I can tell you that it is thanks to a constant and daily effort, and I do not mean little effort, but a whole-hearted effort, that we are making progress on these technical subjects. This is what I have learned from years of struggle.

You will learn:

Learn how to work with events
Learn basic GUI design
Learn Visual Basic.NET
Learn how to create DLLs
Learn to control the course of the program
Learn more about the .NET Framework source code
Learn how to create a text editor with save, open, print, and more
Find out how C # powers the .NET Framework and how VB relates
Discover the practical benefits of polymorphism
Learn how to use the memory window
Learn to use a variety of looping structures in a hands-on context
This one of the best Visual Basic courses in 2023.

VB.NET Introduction

This course is the starting path for certification. It is designed for novice VBNET programmers although there are topics of an advanced vba programming. The topics covered in this program primarily focus on VBNET code and not interface design or actual event programming. At the end of this course, students will be able to understand the framework of VBNET; work with variables, including numerics, strings, variables and more; work with flow expressions, including decision statements, iteration statements and more; use and understand classes and objects; work with one-dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, lists of arrays and lists of safe types; understand LINQ and how to filter, sort and join; handle syntax and logic errors; create error exceptions; read and write files; and handle common errors.

You will learn:

Understanding the framework
Work with variables, including numerics, strings, variables and more
Work with flow expressions, including decision statements, iteration statements, etc.
Use and understand classes and objects
Work with one-dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, array lists, and safe type lists
Understanding LINQ and How to Filter, Sort, and Join
Handle syntax and logic errors
Create error exceptions
Read and write files
Manage common mistakes

This one of the best Visual Basic tutorials in 2023.

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