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Best WebSocket Courses & Best WebSocket Books 2024

Best WebSocket Courses 2023


Best WebSocket Tutorials 2023

Modern WebSockets Application Development with Java EE

Are you a software developer? Or aspire to be one? Have you just finished learning the Java language and are wondering what next? Do you want to learn how to develop full duplex and two way communication applications on the Java EE platform?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the Complete Java EE WebSockets Development Course is your complete guide to the fascinating world of WebSocket programming on the industry standard Java EE platform.

This course will cover in detail the entire WebSocket API as specified in JSR 356 and teach you how to develop

Programmatic server endpoint
Annotated server endpoint
WebSocket Encoders and Decoders
Annotated client endpoint
Programmatic client endpoint
JavaScript Client Endpoint and much more
You will also learn, along the way, what Java EE really does, how the platform evolved, what JCP is, what a JSR is, what a benchmark implementation means and much more than you. may not have known powerful Java EE platform.

This course is packed with exercises to reinforce what you learn, as well as personal anecdotes from your instructor’s experiences. By the end of this course, you will have mastered WebSocket development on the Java EE platform and be well on your way to building the next big thing.

WebSockets Mastery – Beginner to Advanced

WebSockets is low latency duplex communication operating over TCP between a client-server model that allows easy communication and programming of real-time applications such as online games and chat. In this course, we’ll learn all about WebSockets, what they are and how they work! You’ll know:

What are WebSockets

How they work internally

How to create production code with them

Different operating modes of WebSocket

Creating WebSocket servers

Creating WebSocket clients

Manage a WebSocket code base

Create real apps using WebSockets

This course will not require any in-depth knowledge. Everything would be taught from the basics, from setting up the development environment to professionally coding websockets, we’ve got you covered!

A Complete Guide to WebSockets

WebSockets technology is a full duplex, two-way protocol for communication between client and server over the web. It was standardized in 2011 and is fully compatible with HTTP. This protocol enables real-time applications such as chat, notifications, live stream, multiplayer games and other use cases.

In this course, you will learn what the WebSocket protocol is and why it was invented. You learn the advantages and disadvantages of WebSockets and learn how to use them. You will also learn how to horizontally scale and secure WebSockets in your applications and be able to create a real time multiplayer game and chat application. This course also has a special section that covers advanced WebSockets topics such as HTTP / 2 and the protocol aspect in Wireshark.

Best WebSocket Books 2023

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