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Learn YAML 2024 – Best YAML Courses & Best YAML Tutorials

Best YAML Courses 2021



Best YAML Tutorials 2021

YAML Basics- Easy guide to understand, create & consume YAML

This course covers the basics of YAML, understanding it, configuring it, and consuming it from Python. This video is primarily intended for newbies to YAML. There are 10 different examples explaining the different features of YAML. The course also includes the YAML files to try. The course also includes an assignment to create a YAML file from scratch for a real scenario.

The course includes a question and answer session that tests understanding of the YAML content explained in the course. All the concepts are explained in great detail for beginners to understand. Examples of programs for consuming Python’s YAML are also provided

You will learn:

Configure YAML
Data serialization standard
Consume from Python
Using YAML from Python

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