Last Updated: January 16, 2019

Welcome to issue 115.

This week we see why everyone’s going crazy with React Hooks, learn all about React Hooks, discover what’s new in React 16.7, and much more!


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Making Sense of React Hooks

Dan Abramov & Sophie Alpert explain React Hooks.


Concepts to become an advanced React developer

Dhanraj Acharya shows how to Increase you React level.


End 2018 by becoming a professional React developer!

This React course will take you from zero to superhero!


A different way to manage state in React

David Gilbertson teaches another way.


Understanding Hooks in React

Mahesh Haldar gives an introduction to React 16.7 hooks.


React Router & React Components: Love-Hate Relationship

Kasra talks about React Router & React Components.


So What’s New in React v16.6?

Nwose Lotanna introduces us to React 16.6’s new features including React Hooks.


How to: React Native Web app.

Lucas Mórawski’s short yet detailed tutorial to building a universal application.


Writing Custom React Hooks for GraphQL

Nader Dabit shows how to create custom React hooks to handle common GraphQL operations.


Rise of Functional Components: React v16.7.0 (with Hooks!)

André Perdigão tells us more.


Why React’s new Hooks API is a game changer

Rudi Yardley gets rid of second rate coding patterns in React.

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