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Best Swift Tutorials 2021

iOS 13 & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

At over 55 hours, this iOS 13 course is the most comprehensive iOS development with swift course online! This Swift 5.1 course will help you learn:

Be able to create any swift app you want
Start your own app-based business
Create a portfolio of apps to apply for junior developer jobs in a tech company
Become a digital nomad by working as a freelance iOS developer
Learn how to work with Apple’s latest UI framework – SwiftUI
Master Building Augmented Reality Apps Using Apple’s New ARKit
Build Applications That Use Machine Learning Using Apple’s New CoreML
Master app design so you know how to create a wireframe, mockup, and prototype of your app idea
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts: the type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, structures, classes and protocols.
Control structures: Use of If / Else clauses, Switch statements, and logic to control the flow of execution.
Data structures: how to work with collections, such as tables and dictionaries.
Software Design: How to organize and format Swift code for readability, and how to implement the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, Apple’s preferred delegation model, and the publisher model.
Networking: How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data in the cloud, and use JSON format for communication with the server.
Persistent Local Data Storage: How to use master data, domain, encodable, and user defaults to store your app data locally.
How to implement in-app purchases with Apple StoreKit
Machine Learning: How to Build Artificially Intelligent Applications and Build Your Own Machine Learning Models Using iOS 13’s New CoreML2 and CreateML Frameworks.
Augmented Reality: How to create 3D objects in augmented reality and create amazing 3D animations and real interactions using Apple’s latest ARKit2 framework.
SwiftUI: How to use Apple’s brand new UI framework to create programmatic user interfaces that look good in all Apple products.

This is the best Swift Course in 2021.

Hacking with macOS – Build 18 Desktop Apps with Swift 5

This course is produced from the “Hacking with macOS” tutorial series, written and authored by award-winning Swift programmer, Paul Hudson, and these videos were produced with his permission and support. Here you learn smart, powerful and expressive Swift 5.0 as it was meant to be written. You learn by creating real world desktop apps development using swift, which means you can immediately apply your new skills and see them work in context. Hacking with Swift is one of the most popular Swift tutorial series online, which uses an approach that teaches you Swift programming incredibly quickly, and you end up with a huge library of skilled programmer finished projects that you need to develop further or ship to. Paul has received accolades from the creator of the Swift language, Chris Lattner, for his exceptional teaching method and Swift tutorial series. And in collaboration with iOS developer Steve DeStefano, the Hacking with Swift programming training video series is quite simply the fastest way to learn how to code in the Apple ecosystem. Note: All completed projects and source code have been updated to Swift 5.2. So although some lectures are presented using Swift 4.2, they are currently re-recorded with the latest Swift 5.2 code – just reference the source code for any updates you might need until they are.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

All source code is built with the latest Swift 5.2 code
Learn Swift building blocks using annotations – diagrams – highlighting – captions
Touch Bar – code your own custom touch bar buttons and controls
How to Use Orders – Points of Sale and Actions
Windows – Controllers – Table views
Split View Controllers – Toolbars
Web Views
Using delegates and protocols
Work with the social framework – FB – Twitter etc.
Learn how to refactor code
The ins and outs of GCD
SpriteKit and games
The new UserDefaults to keep data
Adding audio – Animations
Using stackView
Grid views
Learn how to use JSON data in Swift
NSUndoManager – Add undo and redo to your applications
Bindings – which allow you to create applications with very little code
Learn how to use auto-layout in both code and storyboards

iOS 12 & Swift 5 – App Design, UI/UX plus Development

Welcome to the course that takes you from application design to code. This is a three-in-one course aimed at helping you master app design, UI / UX, and iOS app development from absolute beginners to advanced professionals. The best iOS apps clearly stand out from all the rest with amazing user interfaces and modern user experience design. We see them featured on the iOS App Store and as winners of the Apple Design Awards. It just means that app design and UI / UX are key factors in app success. But surprisingly, traditional iOS courses only go so far as to teach you how to build apps without anything about app design and UI / UX. This course is different in that it goes far beyond teaching you how to code.This course includes app design and UI / UX to help you build the kind of apps that stand out on the web. ‘App Store. We’ll see how to use app design tools like Sketch and Figma to create app assets, icons, logos, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. We will learn UI / UX fundamentals such as usability testing, user journey mapping, motion design, micro-interactions, typography and more. We will also be proficient in iOS application development tools to bring our app design into code and build over 20 different apps along the way.

You will learn:
Design app assets, icons and logos from scratch.
Design wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.
Create cool, clean and beautiful iOS apps that stand out on the App Store.
Apply animation and motion-based design to bring interactivity to your app.
Become an all-in-one UI / UX designer and iOS developers
Understand the thinking and principles behind great user experience and app design.
Create custom commands that energize your user interface.
Learn how to create custom UI components and never rely on overused libraries.

This is the best Swift Tutorial in 2021.

Best Swift books 2021

Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) 3rd Edition

Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) 3rd Edition by Mikey Ward has carefully crafted explanations and examples to help you dive into the latest features of swift programming language. You will develop an understanding of Swift grammar and the elements of an effective Swift style, all completely revised for Swift 5.3 and Xcode 12. Based on the popular Swift training from Big Nerd Ranchs and their materials and their methodology. Well tested, this guide teaches concepts and coding through practical exercises. You’ll explore the Swift features in Xcode Playgrounds , and finish with building sample apps for the command line and for macOS and iOS. After navigating through the book, you will have the skills to confidently dive into the development of learning apps for Apple platforms like iOS and macOS. The best Swift book for beginners in 2021.

Swift in Depth

Swift in Depth by Tjeerd in’t Veen guides you concept by concept and building apps with the skills you need to create professional software for apple development platforms such as iOS and Mac; also on the server with Linux. By following the many real-life examples, engaging explanations, and engaging exercises, you will finally be able to use powerful techniques such as generics, effective error handling, protocol-oriented programming, and advanced Swift models. Author Tjeerd in ‘t Veen reveals the valuable and hard-to-discover Swift techniques that he learned through his own hard-earned experience.

Mastering Swift 5.3

Mastering Swift 5.3 (6th Edition) by Jon Hoffman has proven itself among developers as a popular choice for a detailed and practical guide to learning Swift programming language. This sixth edition comes with the new features as a upgrade to Mastering Swift 5 deep dive. A comprehensive review to align with Swift 5.3, and two new chapters on Quick Create from Advanced and Source Operators. From the basics of language to latest features like concurrency, generics, and memory management, this in-depth guide is easy to read.

As you progress, you will gain practical information on some of the more sophisticated elements of Swift development, including protocol extensions, error handling, and closures. You will get a swift 5 deep dive. In the following chapters, you will understand how to use the power of protocol-oriented programming to write flexible and more manageable code in Swift. Finally, you will learn how to add the copy-on-write function to your custom value types, as well as how to avoid memory management problems caused by strong reference cycles. You’re going to learn:

Understand the basic components of Swift, such as operators, collections, control flows, and functions.
Identify how and when to use classes, structures, and enumerations.
Use a protocol-oriented design with extensions to write manageable code
Take advantage of design patterns with Swift to solve common design problems
Apply copy-on-write for your custom value types to improve performance
Add competition to your applications using Grand Central Dispatch and queues of operations
Implement generics to write flexible and reusable code

Design Patterns in Swift 5

Design Patterns in Swift 5 by Karoly Nyisztor. A design template is a standardized way to solve a recurring problem. Swift provides many advanced features and language constructs such as type extensions, lazy initialization, and predefined protocols that allow us to easily adopt and integrate design pattern into our projects. This book covers all of these topics and teaches best practices that you can apply to your future projects. We will talk about the benefits of understanding and applying design patterns, the value they bring, and their limitations.

Creative design patterns:
the Singleton,
The prototype,
the factory method,
the builder,
and Abstract Factory design template

Structural design patterns:
the adapter,
the decorator,
the facade,
and the Proxy model

Behavioral design patterns:
the chain of responsibility,
the iterator,
the observer,
and we end up with the state design model

Swift Protocol-Oriented Programming

Swift Protocol-Oriented Programming 4th Edition by Jon Hoffman will help you learn how to use protocol-oriented programming techniques to create powerful and practical applications. Protocol Oriented Programming (POP) is an incredibly powerful concept at the heart of Swift’s design. Swift’s standard library has been developed using first-class POP, generics, and value semantics techniques, making it important for all Swift developers to understand these basic concepts and use them effectively. This updated fourth edition will help you become familiar with the latest version of the Swift programming language. You will learn:

Explore the differences between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming
Understand why value types should take precedence over reference types.
Dive into protocols, protocol inheritance, protocol composition, and protocol extensions
Get familiar with the implementation of COW (Copy-On-Write) on your custom value types
Understand how memory management works in Swift and how to avoid common mistakes
Design applications starting with protocol rather than implementation

Swift Developer’s Cookbook

In The Swift Developer’s Cookbook, renowned author Erica Sadun combines powerful strategies with out-of-the-box Swift code to solve everyday development challenges.

iOS 13 Programming Fundamentals with Swift: Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa Basics

by Matt Neuburg will teach you the basics of Swift coding in a very though way for learning ios. This book will help you learning ios development and iOS programming. A particular focus is placed Swift’s object oriented concepts. You will use Swift’s built in features and types in no time at all. Xcode IDE and Cocoa Touch framework are also explained in this book. This helps you make better iOS apps as you will use both of them with Swift. iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals. iOS 13 Programming Fundamentals is perfect for beginners. This best books will get you started on the path to making iOS applications. After finishing iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals , you will be ready to tackle more advanced Swift books for learning to fully make an iOS application.