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Best LinkedIn Learning Courses 2024

Excel 2016 Essential Training

Available on LinkedIn, this is the perfect online course for anyone who wants to master the most powerful and popular spreadsheet program – MS Excel. This program is led by Excel expert Dennis Taylor with extensive experience in training and creating spreadsheets. Throughout the course, you will learn to perform calculations with simple functions, organize and enter data, and create pivot tables and charts. Instructors will also teach you how to use powerful functions such as COUNTIF, IF, and VLOOKUP. Over 375,000 students have already seen this tutorial.

Access 2016 Essential Training

Designed for beginner and intermediate learners, this essential online MS Access training will help you learn how to store / retrieve data in databases using this powerful tool. This program is designed by Adam Wilbert who is an expert in data visualization and database. It will show you how to get good information from your data. If you are interested in learning how to build action requests, use macros, or build / design forms, this training is excellent for you. By the end of the certification, you will know how to effectively manage databases.

Body Language for Leaders

Created by Carol Kinsey Goman, this training will teach you how to create a positive impression with six non-verbal cues. You will also get great tips for communicating through posture and gestures. If you want to become a charismatic and powerful leader, then this will be the perfect program for you. By joining this online course, you will improve your leadership, communication and business skills. The best part is, you’ll get exclusive training from the best body language expert in the workplace.

Project Management Foundations

Specially designed for beginners, this online course in project management will help you learn how to effectively manage small projects for optimal results. It is led by top instructor Bonnie Biafore who has always been involved in making things work in a great way. It will give you a set of techniques that you can apply to easily manage the work of your project. It is the best certification for those who want to improve their skills to achieve extraordinary results from the project.

Online Marketing Foundations

Developed by Brad Batesole, this online tutorial will help you learn how to design the right online marketing strategy that targets potential customers across the digital world. The instructor will learn how to create a compelling digital marketing campaign for all online channels – social media, search, email, display and video. During the course you will receive training on how to do your website analysis and increase the conversion rate. The program includes many topics such as influencer marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing. This will help you improve the skills needed to make a smart plan.

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