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Angular (also referred as Angular.js) is a open-source JavaScript web framework made in 2009. It was made by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons at Google. Angular is used primarily in making single-page applications. Some of Angular’s great features are data-binding, scope, controllers, routing, templates, etc. Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the world and has been for a while now. Angular has been and will be in-demand for a long time to come. It is backed and used by Google gives it unparalleled credibility and demand.  Professional Angular developers are high in demand. Here’s a list of the best Angular tutorials, books and courses to help you learn Angular in 2019.


Best Angular Courses & Tutorials 2019



Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2) – The Complete Guide

Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2) – The Complete Guide by Maximilian Schwarzmüller will teach you how to master Angular (both Angular 2 + all the way to Angular 7). This Angular video course is perfect for developers of every level, starting at the Angularjs basics and moving to Angularjs advanced. You will learn to develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 7. This is one of the most popular Angular 7 tutorials on Udemy, with well over 200,000 students! With 28 hours of video, this is the most comprehensive Angular course on Udemy. Maximilian Schwarzmüller is an experienced web developer and author of many 5-star rated Udemy courses. Combined, his courses have well over 400,000 students.

This Angular 7 video tutorial will teach you:

  • Which architecture Angular uses
  • How to use TypeScript to write Angular applications
  • All about directives and components, including the creation of custom directives/ components
  • How databinding works
  • All about routing and handling navigation
  • What Pipes are and how to use them
  • How to access the Web (e.g. RESTful servers)
  • What dependency injection is and how to use it
  • How to use Modules in Angular
  • How to optimize your (bigger) Angular Application
  • We will build a major project in this course

This Angular 7 course will help you fully understand the architecture behind an Angular 7 application and how to use it. You will gain a deep understanding of the Angular 7 fundamentals to write better code as a frontend developer. By the end of this Angularjs beginner tutorial, you will be able to create single-page applications with Angular. This is one of the best Angular 7 course for beginners in 2019.


The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced by Mosh Hamedani is the most comprehensive Angular 4 course. You will learn to build and deploy real-world client apps with Angular. This Angular interactive tutorial has helped well over 55,000 developers and has almost 30 hours of video. You can see this is a very comprehensive Angular 4 video course.

This advanced Angularjs tutorial covers:

  • Displaying data and handling events
  • Building re-usable components
  • Manipulating the DOM using directives
  • Formatting data using pipes
  • Building template-driven and reactive forms
  • Consuming HTTP services
  • Handling HTTP errors properly
  • Using Reactive Extensions and observables
  • Adding routing and navigation
  • Implementing authentication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Deploying your applications to GitHub Pages, Firebase and Heroku

You will further solidify your skills as Angular developer by learning advanced Angular features including:

  • Building real-time, server-less apps with Firebase
  • Animating DOM elements using Angular animations
  • Building beautiful UIs using Angular Material
  • Implementing the Redux architecture
  • Writing unit and integration tests

By the end of this Angularjs advanced course, you will be able to build and deploy a real-time e-commerce application with Angular 4, Firebase 4 and Bootstrap 4. This is one of the best online Angularjs course.


Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide by Maximilian Schwarzmüller will teach you how to build Angular & NodeJS applications. You will learn how to use Angular, Node.js, MongoDB & Express which make up the MEAN stack. This Angular and Node tutorial takes a look at how to use AngularJS as part of the MEAN stack and isn’t a comprehensive look at just using AngularJS. This Angular training video focuses on showing you real world application of Angular and how to build it. Not only that, you will learn how to use ExpressJS, NodeJS and MongoDB with Mongoose. This is one of the best ways to learn Angularjs from scratch.

Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine

Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine by Mosh Hamedani will help you learn to write unit and integration tests for your Angular apps and deploy them with confidence. This Angular Testing tutorial is for developers who want to write automated tests. You will learn to write clean and maintainable tests for your Angular apps. This Angular resource will teach you all the automated testing concepts and tools. You will learn what to test and how. This Angular Unit Testing course will teach you to write clean, maintainable and trustworthy tests that don’t lie. You will be tracking how much of your code is covered by tests. You will learn how to test re-usable components, templates, forms, confirmation boxes, navigation and attribute directives. This Angular online training course will teach you to mock dependencies and working with asynchronous operations. This is the best Angular unit testing tutorial.


Learn and Understand AngularJS

Learn and Understand AngularJS by Anthony Alicea will teach you how to become fluent in AngularJS. You will learn all about AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, etc. This AngularJS video tutorial will teach you how to write quicker and better AngularJS code. You will start from learning the fundamental JavaScript concepts that power AngularJS. This AngularJS course strongly focuses on what a Single Page Application (SPA) is and how to build one using Angular programming. This is one of the best Angular training courses in 2019.


Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Crash Course

Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Crash Course by Mosh Hamedani will teach you Angular 4 quickly. This course will help you master the core concepts of AngularJS. The focus is placed on building real-world single page applications (SPA) with AngularJS.  Building Angular projects will help you learn quicker. You will learn the best practices of AngularJS development, including writing cleaner code.  Angular features such as Reactive Extensions, dependency injections, re-usable components, etc will be used.


Build Enterprise Applications with Angular 2 (and Angular 4)

Build Enterprise Applications with Angular 2 (and Angular 4) by Mosh Hamedani will teach how to build real time enterprise applications with Angular 4. This AngularJS video course takes a particular focus in building enterprise applications with AngularJS in 2019. You will also use a wide variety of technologies and frameworks like Firebase, Ionic, ASP.NET Core, and Redux. Learning and using all of these technologies will make you a better Angular developer.


Best Angular Books 2019


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Pro Angular 6

[aawp box=”1484236483″]

[aawp box=”1484236483″]Pro Angular 6 by Adam Freeman will help you get started with Angular. This book will teach Angular in-depth. You will start at Angular basics and proceed all the way to advanced Angular features. You will:

  • Learn Angular MVC Pattern
  • Use ng tools to build Angular projects
  • Extend and customize Angular
  • Test Angular code
  • Learn features and changes in Angular 6 and Angular 7
  • Learn @angular/cli, ng command line tools, and WebPack
  • Includes HttpClient for simplified asynchronous HTTP requests
  • Presents updates to pipes and localized text display


Angular: Up and Running: Learning Angular, Step by Step

[aawp box=”1491999837″]Angular: Up and Running: Learning Angular, Step by Step by Shyam Seshadri will help you get started building scalable Angular applications. This practical Angular guidebook will teach you everything from the basics to advanced concepts. Each Angular concept is provided in a logical and organized nature while building on the previous one.


ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular

[aawp box=”1985170280″]ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular 4 by Nathan Murray, Ari Lerner, Felipe Coury and Carlos Taborda will help you become an Angular expert. This Angular book takes an in-depth look at everything needed to master Angular. You will learn:

  • Build your first Angular web application
  • How Angular Works
  • Built-in Directives
  • Forms in Angular 2
  • HTTP and APIs
  • Routing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Data Architecture in Angular 2, Observables, RxJS and Redux
  • TypeScript
  • Advanced Components
  • Testing
  • Converting an Angular 1 app to Angular

You will learn Angular best practices including testing, code organization, and structuring. This ng book contains practical Angular examples of how to implement components. Angular sample apps included contain:

  • Component-based Reddit clone
  • Real-time chat app using RxJS Observables
  • YouTube search-as-you-type app
  • potify search for tracks with playable song preview
  • Examples including Components, Forms, and APIs


Angular in Action

[aawp box=”1617293318″]
Angular in Action by Jeremy Wilken teaches you everything you need to build Angular applications. You will hit the ground running. This Angular ebook goes from basics to advanced techniques like testing, dependency injection, and performance tuning. You will make use of TypeScript and ES2015 features to write clean Angular code. This hands-on tutorial is practical and packed with tricks and tips. You will:

  • Spin up your first Angular application
  • Learn Angular features
  • Learn from comprehensive example projects
  • Testing and debugging
  • Managing large applications


Angular 6 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications: Deliver production-ready and cloud-scale Angular web apps

[aawp box=”1786462907″]
Angular 6 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications: Deliver production-ready and cloud-scale Angular web apps by Doguhan Uluca is a hands-on guide to Angular 6 enterprise applications. You will master Angular app design and architectural considerations. This book will help you ;earn continuous integration. You will learn to deploy your app on a highly available AWS cloud infrastructure.
By the end of the book, you will use Angular, Swagger, and Docker to develop and deploy your app. You will:

  • Create full-stack web applications using Angular and RESTful APIs
  • Master Angular fundamentals, RxJS, CLI tools, unit testing, GitHub, and Docker
  • Design and architect responsive, secure and scalable apps to deploy on AWS
  • Adopt a minimalist, value-first approach to delivering your app with Kanban
  • Get introduced to automated testing with continuous integration on CircleCI
  • Optimize Nginx and Node.js web servers with load testing tools


Angular 2 Cookbook

[aawp box=”1785881922″]Angular 2 Cookbook Paperback by Matt Frisbie features over 70 Angular recipes that you can implement in your Angular applications now. Major topics covered:

  • Upgrading from Angular 1 to Angular 2
  • Components
  • Directives
  • Template-Driven Forms
  • Reactive Forms
  • Promises
  • RxJS Observables
  • Angular 2 Component Router
  • Services
  • Dependency Injection
  • Angular 2 Modules with NgModule
  • TypeScript Setup and Compilation
  • SystemJS Application Setup
  • Webpack Application Setup
  • Angular CLI Application Setup
  • Unit Testing with Karma and Jasmine
  • End-to-End Testing with Protractor
  • NgZone
  • Angular 2 Renderer
  • Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Compilation
  • Lazy Loaded Applications


Angular Development with Typescript

[aawp box=”1617295345″]Angular Development with TypeScript by Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev introduces Angular and TypeScript.
This guide covers core concerns like state management, data, forms, and server communication. You will learn to write type-aware classes, interfaces, and generics with TypeScript along with time-saving best practices. You will learn:

  • Code samples for Angular 5, 6, and 7
  • Dependency injection
  • Reactive programming
  • The Angular Forms API


ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5: Full-Stack Web Development with .NET Core and Angular

[aawp box=”1788293606″]
ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5: Full-Stack Web Development with .NET Core and Angular by Valerio De Sanctis will teach you how to build modern web apps with ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework and Angular. You will:

  • Use ASP.NET Core to create backend layer based on RESTful APIs
  • Consume backend APIs with the brand new Angular 5 HttpClient
  • Use RxJS Observers to feed the frontend UI asynchronously
  • Implement authentication and authorization using ASP.NET Identity to support user login with integrated and third-party OAuth 2 providers
  • Configure a web application in order to accept user-defined data and persist it into the database using server-side APIs
  • Secure your application against threats and vulnerabilities in a time efficient way
  • Connect the ASP. NET Core framework ecosystem


Architecting Angular Applications with Redux, RxJS, and NgRx: Learn to build Redux style high-performing applications with Angular 6

[aawp box=”1787122409″]

Architecting Angular Applications with Redux, RxJS, and NgRx: Learn to build Redux style high-performing applications with Angular 6 Paperback by Christoffer Noring will help you learn to manage state in Angular with Flux, RxJS, and NgRx. The Angular book introduces you to declarative programming and functional programming along with advantages. You will:

  • Understand one-way data flow and Flux patterns
  • Work with functional programming and asynchronous data streams
  • Figure out how RxJS can help us address the flaws in promises
  • Set up different versions of cascading calls
  • Explore advanced operators
  • Learn Redux pattern and its principles
  • Test and debug
  • Build a lightweight app using Flux, Redux, and NgRx



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