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Best Figma Courses 2021


Best Figma tutorials 2021

Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training

How to design beautiful and engaging mobile apps with Figma. This Figma course will help you learn how to create user interface designing using Figma’s powerful tools. You will learn the Figma interface and tools to make responsive designs and elements.This Figma tutorial will guide you through designing and prototyping an app. You will learn to use multiple artboards, custom icon designs, editing images and text, etc. This is the best Figma course in 2021.

Figma is a very powerful application that runs online. There is virtually no platform limit when it comes to using figs because you can design in a web browser or use their desktop applications designed for Windows and Mac. Figma is similar to Sketch and Adobe XD but is the strongest of the three in terms of team collaboration and fast and responsive design.

This course will cover the design of user interfaces using powerful figma tools. In the first section I will cover the Figma interface and where you can explore the constraints of making your designs responsive and creating a library of design elements to use in your projects. I will also review real-time collaboration with the team and how you can use FIMA to work with others on the same project. Next, you design and prototype a “Chef’s Recipe” app that includes and refines multiple artboards, custom icon designs, image and text editing, and everything you need to create a realistic design.

The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners

The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners by Syed Raza will teach you how to design stunning apps, blogs, and websites using Figma. You will start at the very basics of Figma. This Figma tutorial will teach you Figma design principles (including UI/UX design) and fundamental concepts of Wire Framing. You will learn ways to save time in Figma including keyboard shortcuts. This Figma course contains shortcuts and techniques for creating an effective App designs. Learn Figma from the best Figma tutorial in 2021.

Figma is a powerful collaborative interface design tool for UX / UI designers. You can create great apps, blogs or websites using FIMA without any time and without any code. Whether you are a beginner, web designer, application developer, entrepreneur or freelancer, this course will teach you how to design applications, blogs and websites and develop marketing skills. Another useful offer inside Figma is a viewer that helps a designer create a responsive design using Figma but lets the designer see that the design looks like different shapes. From a menu, you can see seven different popular phones (iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, etc.), three separate tablets, a desktop view or a watch and a figma frame around the design in the corresponding shape. Just drag the edges of the design document to fit the frame for. There is a function that connects to a smartphone so that you can see what it looks like on a mobile while designing. If you are a UI / UX designer then this is the perfect course for you.

Due to its ultimate versatility and power, Figma has become one of the most used software in the business world. If you need to improve your design skills for your application, blog or website and increase productivity, learn the shortcuts, you’ve come to the right place. This course guides you through the training of practical figma design from the basics of figma opening to a comfortable job in a figma environment. We will continue if you do not learn the basic principles of figma design. After you finish this course, you will learn more than most people who use Figma in the workplace every day.

Here is what you will learn.

Figma UI / UX design element
Frame vs. slice tools
Vector size pes in Figma UI / UX
Figma Online vs. Desktop Version
The main figma limitations and elements
Understand the principles of figma design, including UI / UX design
Figma Real World Project – Creating a Blog / Website and much more …
Keyboard shortcut in Figma
Figma is a time saving strategy

This is the best Figma tutorials for beginners in 2021.

Learn Figma for Web Design, User Interface, UI UX in an hour

Learn the most important skill of 2021, Graphic Design in Figma in just an hour! Taught by a professional web designer who has their own startups, Figma is the best tool to jumpstart your design career and fulfill your passion for design. With it you can do UI UX Design, Graphical User Interface, Web Design, Wireframe, User Interface, Icon, Logo Design, Graphic Design all in Figma!

It’s simple to use, portable, ultralight, and has amazing features to give your creativity wings! You will know why Figma is so much better than other software and why you should use it to help you become a better designer, so you keep designing and leave the worries to Figma!

You will learn:

All about Figma, How to use the tools, Design Essential
Graphic design, wireframes, Figma for UX design
Create a virtual app experience
Modern app and website design

Learn Figma: User Interface Design Essentials – UI/UX Design

By the end of this course, you will be able to create world-class user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs. Throughout the course, you will first learn about all the basics of design, UI elements, typography, and more, and then we will work together on real projects.

In addition, we will design a finance app entirely from scratch and I will share with you all the necessary techniques and hidden secrets you need for mobile app and website design.

This course has been designed for people who are completely new to UI / UX design or let’s say design in general. We’ll start with the most basic principles and work through it step by step.

We start the course by explaining the differences between UI and UX design. And then we will start to learn more about the Figma app in the Figma Academy section. After that, we will create a simple low fidelity wireframe to understand its use and benefits.

I’ll go over all the essential tools needed to create an amazing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Not only will you learn about the Figma app, but you will also learn about Adobe Photoshop, Vectary, Dribbble, Behance, etc.

The Basics of Design section covers all the necessary principles including: layout, iconography, typography, color contrast, composition, spacing, etc.

One of the cool parts of the user experience design process is micro-interactions. I’ll teach you how to use InVision Studio to create this type of interaction.

With over 7 hours of content across 130+ lectures, I’ll take you from beginner to expert and teach you everything you need to know to use Figma professionally.

An amazing course for people with no design experience, or for experienced designers who want to learn and master Figma and become a user interface designer. By the end of this course, you will have a complete and real project for your own portfolio, and each student will have the knowledge and confidence to apply for a job as a UI / UX designer.

You will learn:

Become a UI / UX designer.
Master the best cross-platform software in UI / UX design, Figma.
You will be able to start earning money using your Figma skills.
You will get an eBook (over 200 pages)
Create a user interface project from start to finish.
Build and test a complete mobile app.
You will be able to add a UI / UX designer to your CV.
Learn how to design mobile apps and websites.
Work with colors and fonts.
Interactive prototyping
You will create an interactive prototype with micro interactions.
Export assets ready for production.
Send your design to your client for comments.
Design 3 different logos.
You are going to create your own user interface kit.
Create a low fidelity wireframe.
Learn professional technique and shortcuts.
Downloadable exercise files.
Create your own 3D model.
Design 3D scenes.
Design for augmented reality projects.
All techniques used by user interface professionals
You will learn how to choose colors.
You will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop.
You will learn how to choose the right font.
You will learn typography.
You will be able to send your final project to other professionals in the right formats.
You will learn how to get your first customer.
You will learn how to start your own business.
130 well-structured conferences