Best Chef tutorials 2018


1. Chef Fundamentals: A Recipe for Automating Infrastructure

Chef Fundamentals: A Recipe for Automating Infrastructure by Robin Beck is the Chef-Certified beginner’s guide to developing cookbooks locally and distributing changes with a Chef Server. This Chef tutorial has been reviewed and approved by the Chef Training team. Having 10 hours of video, this Chef tutorial is very comprehensive . You will start by learning about Chef architecture and the tools included in the ChefDK (Chef Development Kit). This Chef tutorial will teach you how to use a Chef Server to distribute your cookbooks to multiple servers. You will learn configuration management with Chef. You will learn all about Chef’s core components, architecture, terminology and commonly used tools. This Chef course will teach you the process of installing and configuring servers in the cloud and datacenters. You will learn how to utilize and use Chef terms like Resources, Recipes, Cookbooks, The Chef Server, Roles, Environments, and Data Bags. This is without question the best Chef tutorial in 2018.


2. Chef for Linux Admins

Chef for Linux Admins by IT Skills In Demand will help you learn how to automate managing of your Linux Servers using Chef. This Chef tutorial is ideal for Linux admins. You will understand all the Chef concepts and Chef terminologies. This Linux Chef tutorial will teach you how to setup and configure your infrastructure as code, on hosted Chef. You will learn how to create Cookbooks and write Recipes. This Chef tutorial will teach you to setup roles and environments within Chef. You will learn how to manage organization, environment, roles and nodes within Chef. This is the best Chef tutorial for Linux Admins and System Admins in 2018.



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Last updated on September 10th, 2018

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