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Best Redis courses & Best Redis books 2024

Best Redis Courses 2023


Best Redis Books 2023

Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) is an open-source in-memory database first released in 2009. It was created by Salvatore Sanfilippo. Redis supports different kinds of abstract data structures. These include strings, lists, maps, sets, sorted sets, hyperlogs, bitmaps and spatial indexes. Redis is one of the most popular key-value databases. It is by far one of the most highly rated and used NoSQL databases. We’ve looked at best resources to learn Redis in 2023. These include the best Redis tutorials, best Redis courses and best Redis books.

Best Redis tutorials 2023

Redis Bootcamp for Beginners: Get Hands On with Redis.

Have you heard that database skills are essential for developers to be skilled and understand? Do you want to learn the NoSQL database which works at lightning speed? Maybe you want to learn Redis from scratch but haven’t found a good place to learn. Or maybe you are a developer who wants to improve your career options by having skills in Redis and NoSql, one of the most popular databases in the world.

Whatever your reason for arriving here, this course …

Help you understand and apply Redis, including its various commands and options.

Having database skills is absolutely vital for developers to avoid being left behind and to maximize employment and consulting opportunities.

Key concepts you will learn and use in this course.

NOSql database (a technology in high demand).
Redis (one of the world’s most popular databases).
Data types
Working with keys
Using Publish / Subscribe
Sorted sets

Additionally, there are installation videos covering Redis on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Not only does the course teach you Redis, there are several exercises to try with video solutions to help you better understand the material.

After completing this course, you will have the skills to be able to use Redis with confidence, have a solid understanding of Redis, and be proficient in the Key Value Pair Database.

You will learn

Will have excellent knowledge of the latest Redis 5.
Fully capable of using Blazingly Fast NoSql database.
Students will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Redis
Introduce Redis knowledge to employers.
The student will have a solid understanding of the deployment of the NoSql database.
Be able to get a solid foundation of Redis advanced commands.

Learn Redis from Scratch

A database is a crucial aspect of applications that are often only considered after the fact. However, for many developers, choosing which database to use when building applications is a critical decision. Among the many popular data structures such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Oracle, Redis is slowly gaining popularity in NoSQL databases. Although it already plays a supporting role for many companies, including Twitter and Github, Redis is now gaining ground as a main database.

So what is Redis? Redis is an open source data structure server that allows developers to organize data using a key-value storage method. This powerful database is perfect for high performance tasks such as caching. Redis is a simple and fast database for many different functions, including being a cache or a message broker. This Redis tutorial is the best place to go from a beginner to an advanced user of Redis. Go from knowing nothing about Redis to being able to build an app using this powerful database. This Redis course has been specially designed for beginners who have never worked with Redis before. You will learn everything you need to know about Redis, including what Redis is, what this database is best for, how to install Redis on your system, and more.

You will learn all about the basics of Redis such as the different data structures, the different clients that work with Redis, the different key-value pair commands (scan, config, commands and client), how to keep data on disks and even the different methods of data persistence. After learning the basics, you will then build a functional task manager with the instructor who will teach you how to actually work with Redis in a real example. You will create a task manager using NodeJS and Redis. You will also learn how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap to design the manager. This is the best Redis course in 2023.

You will learn:

Learn how to use Redis in your web projects
Understand and master the Redis development philosophy and techniques
Master Professional Redis tips and tricks
Create a complete professional project with Redis

Learn Redis And Utilize Jedis With Spring Data Redis

Distinguish between SQL and No-SQL databases and when to use each.

In addition, I will walk you through the installation of Redis on different operating systems. How to use different data types and Redis commands with lots of examples. Introduce you to an excellent java client library for use with Redis, which is called jedis. Explain Jedis. Jedis grouping and configurations. Redis persistent (RDB, AOF, Hybrid Approach), Redis Sentinel and Redis Cluster. Spring Data Redis with a focus on serializers and the Redis model.

Towards the end of this course,create Spring Boot back-end APIs that use Redis, Jedis, and Spring data.

You will learn

Find out when to use SQL VS No-SQL
Learn how to install Redis, the main types of data, run commands, transactions, backup (RDB, AOF) and sub / pub.
Create your own Spring backend application with the Jedis client and the Spring data redis.
Discover Redis Sentinel and Cluster
Understand the Redis model, Redis serializers, and Jedis bundling.

Best Redis books 2023

Redis in Action

Redis in Action by Josiah L. Carlson introduces Redis and walks you through examples that demonstrate how to use it effectively. You will begin by getting Redis set up properly and then exploring the key-value model. This Redis book is filled with real use cases including simple cache, distributed ad targeting, and more. Experienced Redis developers will appreciate the in-depth chapters on clustering and internal scripting. Redis in Action introduces Redis and the key-value model. You’ll quickly dive into real-world use cases, including simple caching, distributed ad targeting, and more. You will learn how to scale Redis from small tasks to massive data sets and how to integrate it with a traditional RDBMS or other NoSQL stores. Experienced developers will appreciate the detailed chapters on clustering and internal scripting. Written for developers familiar with database concepts. No prior exposure to NoSQL database concepts or Redis itself is required. Suitable for system administrators who are comfortable with programming.

Mastering Redis

Mastering Redis by Jeremy Nelson is a practical guide that aims to help you dive into the world of Redis data structure to take advantage of its great features. We started our journey with a brief understanding of the need for Redis, followed by an explanation of advanced key management. Next, you will learn in detail about design patterns, best practices for using Redis in the DevOps environment, and the Docker containerization paradigm. After that, you will understand the concept of scaling with the Redis cluster and Redis Sentinel, followed by a detailed explanation of Redis integration with NoSQL technologies such as Elasticsearch and MongoDB. By the end of this section, you will be able to develop competent applications using these technologies. Then you will explore Redis’ message queue and task management features and can implement them in your applications. Finally, you will learn how Redis can be used to create real-time data analytics dashboards, for different disparate data streams. You’re going to learn:

Choose the right Redis data structure for your problem
Understand the Redis event loop and implement your own custom C commands
Solve complex workflows with Redis server-side scripting with Lua
Configure your Redis instance for optimal memory management
Scale your data in a distributed way with Redis Cluster
Improve the stability of your Redis solution with Redis Sentinel
Complement your existing database and NoSQL environment with Redis

Redis Essentials: Harness the power of Redis to integrate and manage your projects efficiently

Redis Essentials
  • Da Silva, Maxwell Dayvson (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 230 Pages - 09/08/2015 (Publication Date) - Packt Pub Ltd (Publisher)

Redis Essentials by Maxwell Dayvson Da Silva and Hugo Lopes Tavares will help you learn the power of Redis to integrate and manage your projects efficiently. You will learn how to use install Redis and use Redis types efficiently to manage large data structures sorted sets. This Redis book will teach you how to scale Redis to multiple data structure server with Twemproxy, Redis Sentinel, and Redis Cluster.This is a fast-paced Redis guide, full of real-world examples with data to help you get the best out of the features offered by Redis. This is probably the best Redis book in 2023.

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