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Best React Courses 2021


Best React Books 2021

Best React tutorials 2021

React For Beginners

React For Beginners — The Best Way To Learn React

Learn React from the best React tutorial for beginners. Taught by world famous React teacher Wes Bos, this is easy to follow guide to the React framework and comes with a money back guarantee, lifetime access and is always up to date. This makes it easy to learn react js without getting complex. This tutorial experience contains 29 videos to help you gain react Knowledge. This means you can get started learning React fast in hours! You will learn:

How to develop an entire React project or building components from start to finish

Setup your web development environment

Writing markup in JSX

Working with create-react-app for Webpack Tooling

Understanding React Component

Maintain your Application’s State

Communication between components

Working with State changes, data and HTML5 LocalStorage

Real time web socket data with Firebase

Create maintainable code with JavaScript Modules

URL routing with React Router 4

Deploying React Application

Full Stack Advanced React & GraphQL

Advanced React Graphql — Build Full Stack Applications With React And Graphql

While building the Full-Stack React app, this react js course covers key things​ you need to be a professional React programmer. This React Fundamentals course is designed help you start to learning React coding in a incremental and easily digestible manner without getting overly complex to level up your React skills. The React tutorials consists of 68 videos with a runtime of 11 hours. The board is mostly spent to build the app and 5 hours testing the app. The app we will code has five key models: Users, Items, Orders, CartItems, and OrderItems. All of them are relational and showcase the onclick power of GraphQL Queries. Users will be able to search, sell, add to cart and checkout their favourite items in our app. You will learn React best practices.

Extensive use of GraphQL Queries is made in this video course along with GraphQL Yoga, Apollo Client & Prisma. Apollo Client will be used for Data changes Management. GraphQL Yoga is an Express GraphQL Server. Prisma is among the most popular GraphQL Database Interface libraries. Next.js will be used for server side rendering, routing and tooling related web services. Testing will be done with Jest and Enzyme. Learn React from the best advanced React course in 2021.

React with Redux Certification Training

Edureka’s React with Redux certification training will teach you how to build effective React applications by mastering the concepts of React, Redux, and sReact Native. After completing this training, you will be able to build efficient applications using other essential React concepts such as JSX, Redux, asynchronous programming practice using Redux Saga middleware, retrieve data using GraphQL, perform tests using Jest, successively deploying applications using Nginx and Docker and building mobile applications using native React

The best courses starts with the fundamental concepts of React and its architecture. The training then focuses on Redux and its features, shows how React and Redux can be used together to build extended web applications, and how to develop responsive user interfaces to manage user interactions in a mobile application.

Full-Stack Web Development with React

This course from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is taught by Jogesh K. Muppala. Learn mobile front-end and hybrid development framework, with server-side support, to implement a cross-platform solution. This course will use JavaScript ES6 for React development. You will also get an introduction to using Reactstrap for responsive user interface design and user interface development based on Bootstrap 4. You will be introduced to various aspects to create React components.

You will learn more about developing single-page applications, design controlled forms. You will explore various aspects of Redux and use it to develop applications powered by React-Redux. You will then learn how to use Fetch for client-server communication and how to use the server-side REST API. A quick tour of React support and animation testing completes the trail.

React 16 – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

by Maximilian Schwarzmüller will help you learn step by step and master your React Skills. No previous experience is required of react javascript library. If you are experienced with Angular or Vue, you will love this training. It is set full examples. People will learn Reactjs, Redux, React Routing, Animations, CSS, Next.js and more about your React environment. This React 16.6 course starts with React.js basics and practice exercises. This video tutorials​ makes sure you understand popular React library in the community. You will learn:

React Basics (Base features, syntax and concepts)

Managing state with class-based components and React Hooks

How to output lists and conditional content

Styling of React components

A deep dive into the internals of React and advanced component features

Forms and form validation in React apps


Unit testing


React app deployment instructions

Learn React from the best React course for beginners in 2021.

Modern React with Redux [2021 Update]

Get you started on the basic fundamentals of React 16 and Redux. You will learn how to build amazing single page applications with Facebook React v16. This interactive tutorials gets started by mastering the fundamentals with JSX, “props”, “state”, and eventing. The difference between Props and State are explained in this React course. People will start the process of breaking down a complex React component​ (parent component) into multiple smaller components (child components). You will learn features as reducers, actions, and the state tree.You start building complex applications that scale. You will dive deeper by creating Redux middlewares. This basic training will help you master the fundamental community concepts behind creating applications. You will also use NPM, CSS, Webpack, Babel, and ES6/ES2015 JavaScript in this react js tutorials. All the used React source code is provided.

The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)

by Andrew Mead starts with the fundamentals and shopping list everything you will need to build and launch a React application as a professional web developer. No prerequisites required to learn react.js. This interactive tutorial will teach you to make use of Redux, Webpack, React-Router v4, and more. This complete course is focused on teaching you simple programming experience to make you into a professional developer. You will learn skills to develop, test, and deploy real-world projects.

These include: Babel, Testing with Jest, Enzyme, npm, App Debugging, App Deployment, Firebase, Authentication, Git/GitHub, ES6/ES7 and more! The first examples app will help you in learning the fundamentals. The second sample app will help you get started in creating all the real world features as authentication, user accounts, routing, testing, form validation, database storage, and more.

Complete React Developer in 2021 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

by Andrei Neagoie and Yihua Zhang is a online courses that will make you a Senior React Developer in 2021! You will build enterprise level React applications and deploy to production. All the latest React features are used, including Hooks, Context API, Suspense, React Lazy and more. Redux is used, including Redux Thunk and Redux Saga. You will lead and build reactive, performant, large scale React applications like a senior developer. The best online React projects you will build will make use of good architecture decisions while helping others react js developers who want to improve on your team. You will learn CSS in JS with styled-components. Testing your React app will be done with Jest, Enzyme and snapshot testing.

Advanced React and Redux

A detailed guide to building React js. The concepts include Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, Higher Order Components, and Deployment. This interactive tutorials will help you in learning to  start testing your code as action creators and reducers. Mocha and Chai is used for writing your testing environment. You will create a popular Middleware from scratch to handle asynchronous actions. This React ecosystem tutorials will help you learn the differences between cookie-based and token-based authentication. You will master Authentication by building a server with enterprise-grade authentication from scratch. The project being made is a scaleable API with authentication. It will make use of lots of syntax from Express, Mongo, CSS, npm and Passport. One of the best advanced React tutorial in 2021.

Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

by Stephen Grider will teach you how to develop and deploy fullstack web apps made with a list of JavaScript frameworks. No prerequisites required. You will also use Express, and MongoDB. This Fullstack tutorial will teach you how to create boilerplate starter projects with Express, and MongoDB. You will learn the environment architectural considerations of building a full-stack app . This full stack developer course starts off with connecting a simple front-end Create-React-App server to a NodeJS and Express backend, then communicate data from MongoDB to your React app. You will be building user interfaces using Redux Form complete with navigation. This React course quality will teach you how to add route user requests on the front-end with React Router and on the backend with Express.js. You will use Stripe, Google OAuth and API key handling techniques.

Best Reactjs books 2021

The Road to React: Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js

The Road to React: Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js
  • Wieruch, Robin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 246 Pages - 09/14/2018 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

by Robin Wieruch teaches you the basic fundamentals of React community in no time at all. You will gain a solid React foundation from this series. No prior knowledge of react. Read this React beginner resources will to learn all the basic concepts and internal state management programming to feel confident as a software developer or software engineer. You will:

Hacker News App in React with API

Create-react-app to bootstrap your React application

Lightweight React code

React setState as state management

Transition from JavaScript ES5 to ES6 along the way

React API with setState and lifecycle methods

User interactions

Client-sided sorting, searching and filtering

Implementation of client-side caching

Higher order functions and higher order component

Snapshot test components with Jest

Unit tests components with Enzyme

Deploy your React application to production environment

The best React book for beginners in 2021.

Pro React 16

Pro React 16
  • Freeman, Adam (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 768 Pages - 03/20/2019 (Publication Date) - Apress (Publisher)

Pro React 16 by Adam Freeman will help you become a professional React developer. You will gain a solid understanding of React design patterns. React architecture benefits is taught along with it popular React tools and libraraies. This books gives you in-depth knowledge about davnced React features and how to use them.

You will learn how React brings the power of strong architecture and responsive data to the client side, giving you the means to build complex and rich user interfaces. Using React, you will create dynamic web app clients. You will use Redux to create data stores. REST and GraphQL is used to consume data. You will test your React apps.

Learning React: Modern Patterns for Developing React Apps 2nd Edition

If you want to learn how to create effective React applications, here is your book. Ideal for web developers and software engineers who understand how JavaScript, CSS, and HTML work in the browser, this updated edition provides best practices and templates for writing modern React code. Alex Banks and Eve Porcello show you how to create user interfaces that can display changes without reloading the page on large-scale, data-driven websites.

You will learn how to use functional programming and latest ECMAScript functions from ecma international. Build application presentation layers with React components. Manage data and reduce the time you spend debugging applications Embed React Hooks to manage state and extract data Use a routing solution for single page application functionality how to structure React applications with servers in mind

Learn React Hooks: Build and refactor modern React.js applications using Hooks

Daniel Bugl begins by introducing you to React Hooks. React Hooks revolutionizes the way you handle state and effects in your web applications. They allow you to create simple and concise React.js applications, while also helping you avoid using wrapper components in your applications, making it easy to refactor your code. You will then become familiar with building a complex user interface in React followed while keeping the code simple and extensible. Then he will quickly move on to creating his first applications with React Hooks.

In the following chapters, the book discusses various Hooks, including Status and Effect Hooks. After covering State Hooks and understanding how to use them, you will focus on the capabilities of Effect Hooks to add advanced functionality to React applications. You will explore the Suspense and Context APIs and how they can be used with Hooks. Towards the last chapters, he will learn how to integrate Redux and MobX with React Hooks. Develop the skills to migrate writing React classes components and Redux and MobX to Hooks.

React Material-UI Cookbook: Build captivating user experiences using React and Material-UI

Material-UI is a library of UI components for rendering user interface elements, using modern React and Material Design best practices. This React.js books by Adam Boduch will show you how to implement material design considerations. Use a variety of Material-UI components to enhance the functionality of the user interface, while guiding you through React best practices and using status, context, and other new React 16.8 features.

You’ll get started with layout and navigation, explore the Grid component, and understand how it is used to create layouts for your Material UI apps. Using the Material-UI components, you will then explore the technique of presenting information effectively. You will also learn about the different components of user interactions, such as the text input component and buttons. Get started customizing the look of your app, from creating a Material UI theme to icon and text formatting.

Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux (2nd Edition)

Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux
  • Chinnathambi, Kirupa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages - 05/15/2018 (Publication Date) - Addison-Wesley Professional (Publisher)

Kirupa Chinnathambi is a easy hands-on guide to programming web applications. You will be reading to create your first react application in minutes from this article. This manual is packed with simple step-by-step code examples to explain knowledge of advanced concepts. You will learn:

Create components for UI

Programming multiple components to form advanced UIs


Maintain state and props

Optimize your workflow using JavaScript library such as Node, Babel, webpack, etc