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Welcome to issue 26.

This week we review the best ReactJS books in 2017, learn the philosophy of ReactJS, use GraphQL to power APIs and much more!


Learn SAP


How Algolia Powers Thousands of Apps on Scaphold

Using GraphQL to provide amazing search experiences


Build a GraphQL API-Powered Portfolio Website

Build your very own beautiful Portfolio Website, powered by the GraphQL API.


Simply about React Native

React Native is a technology developed by Facebook. It includes both traditional, and modern methods of mobile apps development.


Simplify your React components with Apollo and Recompose

Keeping your components pure with HoCs.


GraphQL & React tutorial (part 3/6)

Building wireframes to find components; building out first schema


The philosophy of React

It is designed to help those just starting to dabble in React to get a better grasp of the basic concepts involved


Offline-First Web Application Using Redux and PouchDB

How to build an offline-first web application in five steps.


Android Push Notifications with GraphQL

Using GraphQL to enable Android GCM push notifications for mobile devices in 3 easy steps.


Jest snapshot testing on steroids with Wallaby.js

Jest testing framework is becoming more popular, even outside the React community. Snapshot testing is one of the features that everyone loves.
That’s it for the newest edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!

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