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The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

This course for anyone who wants to be a Kotlin programmer from scratch, we will start by discussing all the programming basics you need to start programming Kotlin. We’ll start by installing the development environment, then you’ll run your first Kotlin application and understand how the program works in Kotlin. Next, we’ll talk about variables, mathematical operations, and proirites. Next, we’ll get into logic and decision making, and then we’ll talk about loops. Next, we’ll talk about how to work with files, then we’ll talk about the functions and concept of OOP that you should use when programming apps with Kotlin, then we’ll talk about the collections and the collection of types you should use. for better performance. on your app. Next, we’ll talk about multiprocessing and how you could run multiprocess at the same time. Then you will learn how to create apps and games on android like pockemon and tic tac toy and work with restful web services and JSON by creating apps like get sunshine time. You will also learn how to work with the sqlite database to add, delete and update records, how to use room jetpack, you will also learn how to use Firebase for online games and how to create a social media app like Twitter, and how to create apps with sensors like stream music when the light is on and the Nimbuzz vibrates when the phone is shaken, and more

You will learn:
Create your first mobile app with Kotlin
Apply to jr. Android Development Jobs
Create real android apps like Twitter, Facebook, My Notes, find my phone, media player, calculator, find my age, find sunrise time and alarm
Create online games, like Pokemon, play tic tac toe online with friends.
Work with Google’s New Firebase and Web Services (RESTful API calls)
Work with sqlite and SharedPreferences database.
connect Android to PHP web services and MySQL database.
Work with user’s location and maps
Design an amazing layout using Style, Color, Shape, Menu and Constraint
Work with camera and other hardware, like light sensor to stream music when light is on and accelerometer sensor
How to Avoid Reverse Engineering (Reskin) for Your Application
Create an application that supports different screens and different languages
Use a system service like BroadcastReceive, Services and Alarm
Understand the logic, condition and control of programming
Understanding OOP in Kotlin
Use the collections, and where is the best place to use the collection

Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin

In this course, you will experience the power of Android application development and gain the skills to dramatically increase your career prospects as a software developer with kotlin programming language. You’ll also have a head start over other developers using outdated tools and older versions of Android.

You will learn:
Learn basic Android app development and Kotlin’s skills to build real Android apps.
Find out how to target current and old versions of Android when writing your apps.
Understand how to build Android apps using Kotlin.
Be able to apply for Android application development roles.

Android is continuously updated and you will learn how to target users of current versions of Android and older versions as well. With this course, you get the best of both worlds. You learn to write code for Android that works with the current version and older versions of Android using the AppCompat library. This way, the apps you create will work with more versions of Android, giving you access to a larger audience of users.

Getting started is easy as no prior programming experience is required. NO! If you have it, so much the better. Or maybe you just want to brush up on your Android development skills, and that’s fantastic too. The course is presented using a combination of videos, slides, and diagrams, all designed to teach you everything you need to know.

Here is what you will learn in the course:

· Develop apps for the latest version of Android that also work on older Android devices running older versions of the Android operating system.
· Download, install and configure the necessary (free) software.
· Create your first application.
· Create a range of apps that illustrate key aspects of the Android framework.
· Test your applications on emulators or a real Android phone or tablet.
· Make sure your apps work with current and old versions of Android on phones and tablets.
· Use Android Studio 3.2, the latest version of Google’s first Android tool.
· Learn how to use databases, web services and even get your apps talking!
· Understand the brand new constraint layout, for drag and drop screen creation.
· Use powerful code libraries to play videos, download data from websites, manipulate images and more!

You will learn how Android works on a deep level. There are many courses that show you how to create Android apps, allowing you to follow buttons by clicking without really understanding what is going on. To become a successful Android app developer, you need to understand why you click this button, how the Android operating system works, and how the Android SDK and Framework works. If you really understand how something works, it means you can produce better quality apps with fewer bugs. This course is designed so that you can take, but then apply the information you’ve learned in your own applications.

Kotlin for Java Developers

Are you a Java developer wondering if you need to be learning Kotlin? Perhaps you are an experienced Java developer who wants to learn Kotlin quickly, so that you are ready for future projects. Maybe instead, you are an Android app developer with a good knowledge of Java, but you want to be able to go ahead with Kotlin for some new Android development work. Well, with Google’s recent focus on Kotlin for Android app development, this language has been launched into the mainstream and you can be sure you’ll see a lot more about it. It is also very likely that you will be working with Kotlin in your Java projects in the near future.

Since Kotlin works anywhere Java works and can even be called from Java code (and vice versa), this presents a huge opportunity for Java developers. Being able to work with both Java and Kotlin will give you a huge advantage over other programmers. This course has been designed to teach Java developers how to use Kotlin in the shortest possible time. Although you will not learn about Android application development in this course, you will learn Kotlin, as well as the main differences between Kotlin and Java. There is an entire section devoted to Java interoperability, which is vital for all Java developers. Additionally, Kotlin’s syntax is explored in detail. Over sixteen hours of videos are included in the course, making it one of the most comprehensive courses on the language.

Now is a great time to learn Kotlin, which is relatively new. It’s been around for a while, but it’s only now that it’s been in the spotlight. It is absolutely vital for Java developers to learn Kotlin in order to maximize future career opportunities. Objective-C developers who failed to make the switch to Swift, or who were too slow to do so, have been left behind. Don’t make the same mistake as them!

You will learn:
Create Kotlin programs
Understand the differences between Java and Kotlin
Understand how Java and Kotlin programs interact

The Kotlin Language: Fundamentals and Basics

each you Kotlin basics and fundamentals. You will start off by installing the Kotlin development environment. Using IntelliJ IDE, you will write your Kotlin code. IntelliJ is the most preferred way to write Kotlin. This Kotlin tutorial will teach you the syntax and fundamentals of Kotlin development. You will learn all about variables, operators, binary numbers, hexadecimal numbers, etc. This course will teach you about programming logic in Kotlin. You will learn how to read and write Kotlin with conditions and controls. This course will introduce you to Kotlin loops. You will learn how to build and use Kotlin functions. Kotlin collections like lists, arrays, maps, and sets are explained in detail. You will learn about Kotlin Lambdas and High-Level Functions. Kotlin program flow is explained. You will learn Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin.  Your Kotlin knowledge will be solidified by Kotlin examples, Kotlin quizzes, and Kotlin coding challenges. This course will teach you how to make your first Kotlin Android Application. This tutorial is for Kotlin beginners in 2021.

Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin

Help Kotlin beginners learn Kotlin basics. This Kotlin tutorial is referenced in the official Kotlin website and the official Android developers website. That alone tells you why this is without question one of the best Kotlin tutorials ever made! Kotlin Beginners will love this video course as it assumes no prior experience.  This Kotlin online training will show you how to use IntelliJ, the popular Kotlin IDE form Jetbrain (creators of Kotlin). IntelliJ will help you write your Kotlin code effectively and fast. The fundamental concepts of the Kotlin language and how it integrates neatly with Java will be taught to you.This Kotlin tutorial covers all the Kotlin topics you need to get started. Some of the Kotlin features covered include variables, nullable types, conditionals, loops, functions, classes, objects, interfaces, inheritance, etc. You will understand how to make apps using Kotlin and its core concepts. This Kotlin tutorial will help you understand the basics of object-oriented software development. You will understand the principles behind other object-oriented languages like Java, C++, PHP, C#, Scala, or Swift. This is the best Kotlin tutorial for beginners in 2021.

Kotlin for Android O Development: From Beginner to Advanced

Learn to code and design Android apps with Kotlin. This is one of the most comprehensive Kotlin Courses. You will start by downloading Java JDK and Android Studio and installing them. You will learn Kotlin programming language. This tutorial places an emphasis on layout, as you will learn about designing your applications in Sketch. A properly designed app will help your work stand out. You will learn all the essentials of Kotlin. This course will teach you about Table Views and work with SQLite. You will also learn about using both Firebase and Parse in this course. This course will show you how to integrate APIs in your app. You will even learn to work with servers and setup AWS. This Kotlin tutorial will walk you step-by-step through building real world Kotlin applications. The applications you will build include Art Book, Catch The Kenny Game, Real Time Currency Converter, Instagram Clone, Travel Map, Foursquare Clone, etc. All of the final Kotlin source code of these applications are shared so you can compare your code and correct and mistakes or issues you may have. This course will even show you how to submit your app to the Google Play Store.

The Complete Kotlin Developer Masterclass -Build Kotlin Apps

Build Android Apps using Kotlin in 5 weeks. This Kotlin tutorial for beginners will give you a strong foundation in Android development, Kotlin programming, Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA from scratch. This course contains almost 20 hours of Kotlin videos. You will start off with installing and setting up IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Kotlin Programming. UI elements like inputs, buttons and reactive interfaces are among the first things you will build. You will learn about all the Android building blocks.This Kotlin tutorial will teach you variables, arrays, loops, ArrayLists, ListView, etc and how to use them in Kotlin. You will learn to navigate and pass information between screens. This course will teach you to properly design Android apps. You will learn object-oriented Kotlin programming. You will make fun, engaging and real-world Kotlin Android apps. This Kotlin development tutorial will teach you storage in with shared preferences, Database, and Internal Storage. You will upload your apps to Google Play. This will allow you to make money from your apps by displaying ads. Using the skills gain, you will be able to make a high salary as an Android developer. This Kotlin course will help you get a career in Android Development. This is the one of the best Kotlin Android tutorials in 2021.

Best Kotlin books 2021

Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide by Josh Skeen and David Greenhalgh. Kotlin is a static type programming language designed to interact with Java and fully compatible with Google on the Android operating system. This guide, based on Big Nerd Ranch’s popular Kotlin Essentials course, shows you how to work effectively with the Kotlin programming language through practical examples and clear explanations of key Kotlin programming concepts and fundamental APIs. Written for Kotlin 1.2, this book will also introduce you to the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA development environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned Android developer looking for modern features beyond what Java offers, or a new developer ready to learn your first programming language, the authors will guide you from first principles to advanced use of Kotlin. By the end of this book, you will be able to build concise and reliable applications in Kotlin.

Head First Kotlin: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Head First Kotlin by Dawn Griffiths and David Griffiths is a comprehensive introduction to coding in Kotlin. This how-to book helps you learn the Kotlin language with a unique approach that goes beyond syntax and instructions manuals and teaches you to think like a great Kotlin developer. You will learn everything from the fundamentals of the language and collections to generics, lambdas, and higher-order functions. Along the way, you’ll be able to play with functional and object-oriented programming. If you really want to understand Kotlin, this book is for you.

Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Kotlin uses a visually rich format to engage your mind rather than a text-rich approach to numbing you. Why waste time struggling with new concepts? This multi-sensory learning experience is designed for the actual functioning of your brain.

Kotlin in Action

Kotlin in Action by Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova will help you get started with Kotlin. This Kotlin book will help Java developers become Kotlin developers. You will start with Kotlin basics and fundamentals. This book is filled with Kotlin examples. You will make use of Kotlin topics including building DSLs with natural language syntax. The book will guide you all the way through building applications to run on the JVM and Android devices. By the end of the book, you will be able to build your own Kotlin applications that are production-quality.You will learn:

  • Functional programming on the JVM
  • Writing clean and idiomatic Kotlin code
  • How to combine Kotlin and Java
  • Domain-specific languages

This is the best Kotlin book in 2021.

The Joy of Kotlin

The Joy of Kotlin teaches you to write understandable, maintainable, and safe programs using Kotlin. In this expert guide, seasoned engineer Pierre-Yves Saumont teaches you how to tackle common programming challenges with a fresh and inspired VET perspective. As he goes through the many examples, he will dive into proper error and data handling, status handling, and laziness. The author’s practical examples and experience-based knowledge will make you a better and happier developer.

Maintaining poor quality legacy code, interpreting cryptic comments, and writing the same boilerplate text can cause you to lose the joy of life as a Java developer. Do not be afraid! There is hope! Kotlin is an elegant JVM language with modern functionality and easy Java integration. The Joy of Kotlin teaches you practical techniques to improve abstraction and layout, write understandable code, and create maintainable applications without errors.

Your programming language must be expressive, secure, flexible, and intuitive, and Kotlin ticks all the boxes! This elegant JVM language integrates seamlessly with Java and makes it easy to switch between functional and OO programming styles. It is also fully supported by Google as a top-class Android language. Master the powerful techniques in this unique book, and you can meet new challenges with greater confidence and skill.

Kotlin for Android Developers: Learn Kotlin the easy way while developing an Android App

Kotlin for Android Developers by Antonio Leiva. If you want to be a good candidate for new Android opportunities, Kotlin is becoming a new necessity that most companies will ask for. Recommended by Google and Jetbrains, features this book explains the process of learning all the latest Kotlin features that Java programming language was missing in a fun and easy way like object oriented and functional programming. You will build an Android application from scratch using Kotlin as the primary language. The idea is to learn the language by example, rather than following a typical structure. The most interesting concepts and ideas about Kotlin, comparing it with Java 7. Solve many of the typical Kotlin problems that we face in our day to day using the expressiveness of Kotlin language and other really interesting tools and libraries. The Kotlin book is very practical so it is recommended to follow the examples and code in front of a computer and try everything that is suggested.

Kotlin Cookbook: A Problem-Focused Approach

Use Kotlin to build Android apps, web apps, and more. while learning the nuances of this popular language. With this unique cookbook, developers will learn how to apply this Java-based language to their own projects. Experienced programmers and those new to Kotlin will benefit from the handy recipes in this book.

Author Ken Kousen shows you how to troubleshoot Kotlin by focusing on your own use cases instead of the basic syntax. You provide the context and this book provides the answers. Already important in Android development, Kotlin can be used anywhere Java is applied, as well as for iOS development, native apps, JavaScript generation, and more including:

Apply the advanced concepts of functional programming, including lambdas, sequences, and concurrency.
Learn how to use delegates, late initialization, and scoping functions
Explore Java interoperability and access Java libraries with Kotlin
Add your own extension functions
Use useful libraries like JUnit 5
Get practical tips for working with specific frameworks, like Android and Spring

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