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Best Nodejs Books 2024

Nodejs is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment for executing JavaScript on the server-side. Ryan Dahl created Node.js in 2009.

The best Node.js books cover everything from the language’s fundamentals to more complex subjects like distributed systems and workflow automation.

Node.js Web Development

Node.js Web Development - Fifth Edition: Server-side web development made easy with Node 14 using...
  • Herron, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 760 Pages - 07/31/2020 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)

Node.JS Web Development by David Herron will help you learn server-side JavaScript in a short time. This up-to-date Node book will teach you about server-side JavaScript with Node.js and Node modules. You will learn to develop both HTTP server and client applications. This an amazing step by step Node.js guide book.

This Nodejs book will help you learn:

  • Install and use Node.js for both development and deployment
  • Use Expressjs
  • Use Bootstrap
  • Use data storage engines including MySQL, SQLITE3, and MongoDB
  • Understand user authentication methods, including OAuth, with third-party services
  • Deploy Nodejs to live servers, including microservice development with Docker
  • Use Mocha for unit testing
  • Use Casperjs for functional testing

The Road to GraphQL: Your journey to master pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript with React.js and Node.js

The Road to GraphQL: Your journey to master pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript with React.js and...
  • Wieruch, Robin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 11/05/2018 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

Robin Wieruch explains you the fundamentals of GraphQL in this best node js book. You will gain knowledge of the various query and mutation types as well as how to utilize them to fetch or modify data. Robin Wieruch is committed to studying and instructing JavaScript programming. He obtained experience working for startups after earning his master’s degree in computer science, where he used JavaScript extensively both at work and in his free time.

You will discover how to leverage the Schema Definition Language (SDL) to build your own GraphQL schema. You will be able to use Node.js to build your own GraphQL server by the end of this book. This book is for you if you wish to construct full-stack applications. By studying the fundamentals of web development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and APIs, you will construct your own client and server apps.

Distributed Systems with Node.js: Building Enterprise-Ready Backend Services

Distributed Systems with Node.js: Building Enterprise-Ready Backend Services
  • Hunter II, Thomas (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 377 Pages - 11/24/2020 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)

Node.js can be used to create observable, scalable, and robust services just as well as conventional corporate platforms, as shown by author Thomas Hunter II. Hunter demonstrates how to combine application code with contemporary tools in this practical guide for intermediate to experienced Node.js developers. This book’s information is complete and current. It offers helpful suggestions and pointers that aren’t particular to any one technology or version and covers the complete software development life cycle (SDLC) with the option to zoom in on particular phases.

Node Cookbook: Discover solutions, techniques, and best practices for server-side web development with Node.js 14, 4th Edition

Node Cookbook: Discover solutions, techniques, and best practices for server-side web development...
  • Griggs, Bethany (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 512 Pages - 11/24/2020 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)

You can get support from Bethany Griggs with developing, testing, and deploying your Node.js applications. The book includes advice on how to avoid traps as well as solutions to frequent issues. The newest Node.js features and the development of the Node.js framework ecosystems are updated in the fourth edition of the Node Cookbook. What you will learn from the book is as follows:

Recognize the asynchronous programming approach used by Node.js
Use modules and web frameworks to produce straightforward Node.js applications.
Build straightforward online applications utilizing web frameworks like Fastify and Express
Learn how to test, improve, and secure your online apps.
Build and use Node.js microservices
Debug and identify problems with your Node.js programs.

The book includes thorough examples that address numerous real-world issues. Anyone looking to increase their understanding of Node should read it. This book is an excellent resource if you write microservices using NodeJS!

Get Programming with Node.js

Get Programming with Node.js
  • Wexler, Jonathan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 480 Pages - 03/15/2019 (Publication Date) - Manning (Publisher)

Get Programming with Node.js, written by Jonathan Wexler, lead developer for The New York Code and Design Academy, covers all the fundamentals of Node.js development, including setting up a development environment, connecting to a database, creating a user model, authenticating user accounts, and developing an API. It’s a great option for anyone wishing to delve into the realm of Node.js because each lesson concludes with a capstone project.

You’ll work through advanced node.js with eight entire projects in Get Programming with Node.js, starting with writing the code for your first web server and ending with adding live chat to a web application. You’ll develop asynchronous code, build data models, and debug JavaScript modules in addition to learning new features from ES2015 and beyond. You’ll also value the clear explanations, instructive illustrations, and well documented code you can use in enterprise platforms.

With the help of this book, you’ll be able to create web servers using Node.js and advance your web development abilities. You’ll learn how to deploy your applications to production, connect to a database, authenticate user accounts, and use Express.js. You’ll be able to confidently construct web servers and produce incredible web apps by the end of this book.

Node.js Design Patterns

Nodejs Design Patterns: Design and implement production-grade Node.js applications using proven patterns and techniques, 3rd Edition by Mario Casciaro and Luciano Mammino will help you learn Node patterns and components. Basic Nodejs knowledge is needed to use this Design Pattern book properly. You will master the most powerful reusable Nodejs components and patterns to create modular and scalable applications with ease from this hands on guide covers. This Nodejs book will help you understand asynchronous single thread design of Nodejs.

This Node design patterns book will help you learn:

  • Design and implement server-side JavaScript patterns based on use cases.
  • Write asynchronous code by using constructs such as callbacks, promises, generators and the async-await syntax.
  • Identify the most important concerns and apply unique tricks to achieve higher scalability and modularity.
  • Organize Node modules and connect them properly.
  • Reuse well-known techniques to solve common design and coding issues while saving time
  • JavaScript latest features including learning to write code that runs on both Nodejs and the browser.
  • Use React and its ecosystem to implement universal applications.

This is the best Node.js book in 2023 for Node.js Design Patterns.

Web Development with Node and Express

Web Development with Node and Express: Leveraging the JavaScript Stack
  • Brown, Ethan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 343 Pages - 12/17/2019 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)

by Ethan Brown will teach you to Build dynamic web applications with Express, a key component of the Node / JavaScript development stack. In this best node books teaches you the basics of Express by guiding you through the development of a sample application. This how-to guide covers everything from server-side rendering to developing APIs suitable for use in single page applications (SPAs) and other programs.

Beginning Node.js, Express & MongoDB Development

Beginning Node.js, Express & MongoDB Development
  • Lim, Greg (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 152 Pages - 09/01/2020 (Publication Date) - Greg Lim (Publisher)

Beginning Node.js, Express and MongoDB Development by Greg Lim. In this book, takes you on a fun, practical, and pragmatic journey to learn Node.js, Express, and MongoDB development. You will start building your first Node.js application in minutes. Each chapter is written in one bite and gets straight to the point because I don’t want to waste your time (and definitely mine) on content you don’t need. Ultimately, he will have the skills to create a blogging application and implement it on the Internet. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to develop Node.js, Express, and MongoDB in a manageable way without overwhelming you. We focus only on the essentials and cover the material in a practical way for you to code.
This is the best Node.js book for beginners

Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node

Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node
  • Holmes, Simon (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 440 Pages - 12/01/2015 (Publication Date) - Manning Publications (Publisher)

by Simon Holmes will help you learn MEAN stack to build apps. You will learn every layer in the popular MEAN stack while you learn by building real-world apps. By the end of this best node js books, you will now be able to build your own custom MEAN apps.

First, you will start by building a static site in Express and Node. Then you will deploy your site to a live web server. Adding a MongoDB database and building an API before using Angularjs is next up. The app will handle data manipulation and application logic in the browser. Finally, you will finish by adding authentication system to the application.

Beginning Node.js

Beginning Node.js
  • Syed, Basarat (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 326 Pages - 11/25/2014 (Publication Date) - Apress (Publisher)

by Basarat Ali Syed will teach you Node.js step by step guide. You will learn all the aspects of creating maintainable Node.js applications. This beginner Node.js book explains everything from a beginner level. You will learn concepts such as streams and event. The Node beginner book will also teach you how to test your Node.js code with a runtime environment. This is one of the best Node.js books for beginners in 2023.

Learning Node

Learning Node: Moving to the Server-Side
  • Powers, Shelley (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 286 Pages - 07/12/2016 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)

Moving to the Server-Side by Shelley Powers will take your web development skills to the server with Nodejs. This Nodejs book will teach you Node’s event-driven, asynchronous I/O model for developing data-intensive applications. You will learn to write fast and highly scalable Node.js network applications. This Nodejs runtime environment book is completely updated for the latest Node Long Term Support (LTS) and Node Current (6.0) release. You will master Node’s core concepts and gain experience with several built-in and contributed modules.

This book covers:

  • Explore the web application framework and functionality for full-stack Node development.
  • Dive into Node’s module system and package management support.
  • Test your application or module code on the fly with Node’s REPL console.
  • Use core Node modules to build web applications and an HTTP server.
  • Node support for networks, security, and sockets.
  • Access operating system functionality with child processes.
  • Node development tools and techniques.
  • Use Node in microcontrollers, microcomputers, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

This is one of the best advanced Nodejs books.

Node.js in Action

Node.js in Action
  • Alex R. Young (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 392 Pages - 09/17/2017 (Publication Date) - Manning (Publisher)

by Alex R. Young, Bradley Meck, Mike Cantelon, Tim Oxley, Marc Harter, TJ Holowaychuk and Nathan Rajlich guides you through all the features, techniques, and concepts you’ll need to build production-quality Node applications. You will master key design concepts such as asynchronous programming, state management, and event-driven programming. The Node js book teaches you how to create high-performance web servers using JavaScript and Node. You will learn how to put together MVC servers with Express and Connect, set up the perfect production environment to build, lint, and test.

Practical Node.js: Building Real-World Scalable Web Apps

Practical Node.js: Building Real-World Scalable Web Apps
  • Mardan, Azat (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 529 Pages - 11/03/2018 (Publication Date) - Apress (Publisher)

Azat Mardan, dubbed Microsoft’s Most Valued Professional, is the author of this best book for node js. By utilizing several useful development tools, this book assists readers in building scalable web apps. It is also appropriate for intermediate students who have a foundation in JS. The book’s second half deals with advanced subjects including how to use a full-stack application. Together with other standards and packages, it discusses how to integrate JavaScript frameworks like Hapi and Express.js into the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, server-side JavaScript runtime environment that allows you to run JavaScript code on the server. It is built on the V8 JavaScript engine and is commonly used for building scalable and high-performance web applications.

Why should I learn Node.js?

Learning Node.js can be valuable because it allows you to build scalable, high-performance applications using JavaScript, which is already a popular language for web development. Node.js is well-suited for real-time applications, microservices, and server-side tasks.

Do I need to know JavaScript to learn Node.js?

Yes, a fundamental understanding of JavaScript is essential for learning Node.js. Node.js is essentially JavaScript on the server, so having a good grasp of JavaScript will make it easier to work with Node.js.

What are the core concepts to understand in Node.js?

Key concepts in Node.js include asynchronous programming, event-driven architecture, the Node Package Manager (npm), modules, the CommonJS module system, and handling input/output (I/O) operations efficiently.

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