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MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database. MongoDB uses documents  (which resemble JSON) with schema. NoSQL is gaining popularity over SQL as the database technology of choice among many startups and companies. NoSQL databases is modeled in a way that use techniques that are different from relational databases.  MongoDB has quickly become the go to option when using NoSQL databases. These are the best MongoDB tutorials, best MongoDB courses and best MongoDB books to learn MongoDB in 2019.

What is the Best MongoDB Tutorial?


The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

The most popular MongoDB tutorial with over 31,000 students and 13.5 hours of video! You will start with MongoDB fundamentals is test driven course. Mongoose, Nodejs and Express are also used.


MongoDB - The Complete Developer's Guide

The most comprehensive MongoDB tutorial with 17 hours of video and with over 17,500 students! This hands-on course will have you master MongoDB features and how to use them efficiently.


MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js

Learn Fullstack MongoDB with React, Redux and Node. Containing 12 hours of video and over 19,700 students!  You will make use of JWT, Postman and more!

What is the Best MongoDB Book?

Best MongoDB courses & tutorials 2019


1. The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB by Stephen Grider is a test driven approach to mastering MongoDB and Mongoose. You will understand how MongoDB stores data. You will learn how to write queries for reading data from MongoDB. You will learn about Mongoose and all it’s features. This MongoDB course will make you get started with MongoDB fast. You will learn MongoDB features needed to master MongoDB. This is the best MongoDB tutorial in 2019.


2. Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence by Gandhi Kumarasamy Sezhian will teach you how to be good with MongoDB. Java, C#, PHP and Nodejs are the programming languages used along with MongoDB. You will also learn to use MongoDB tools such as MongoCHEF, NOSQL Manager, RoboMongo and MongoBooster .


3. Learn MongoDB: Leading NoSQL Database from scratch

Learn MongoDB : Leading NoSQL Database from scratch by Sunil Kumar Gupta will help you master MongoDB based application development. This course will show you how to design a MongoDB database. Upon completion, you will able have all the necessary knowledge to decide if you should use MongoDB in your applications.


4. Learn Node

Learn Node by Wes Bos will teach you how to build apps using MongoDB, Node.js and Express. Even though this course takes a particular focus on Node, you will learn how to use MongoDB in the real world. Learn Node is a perfect course for those wanting to learn the power of MongoDB in web development.


5. Master the MEAN Stack – Learn By Example

Master the MEAN Stack – Learn By Example by Patrick Schroeder will teach you Full Stack JavaScript by using AngularJS, Nodejs, Express and MongoDB . This course will teach you all the various components of making a full stack app. This is the best MongoDB Mean Stack tutorial.


6. Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Projects

Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Projects by Eduonix will show you real world examples of MongoDB by building 12 MongoDB apps. This course is an in depth exploration of the power of MongoDB.


Best MongoDB books 2019


1. MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide by Kristina Chodorow is a guide to all of the bells and whistles of MongoDB.  MongoDB: The Definitive Guide will get you started on the right path to learning MongoDB with core concepts and vocabulary. No prior knowledge of NoSQL or MongoDB is required or assumed. You will learn the many advantages and reasons for using document-oriented databases. This book also touches upon the complex MongoDB administrative tasks such as monitoring, security and authentication,etc.

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide certainly lives up to its name as one of the best books to learn MongoDB. MongoDB: The Definitive Guide is a great book for beginners and experienced MongoDB users alike. This is a well written book that anyone wishing to get serious with MongoDB should check out. This maybe the best MongoDB book for beginners in 2019.


2. MongoDB in Action

MongoDB in Action by Kyle Banker, Peter Bakkum , Shaun Verch, Doug Garrett and Tim Hawkins is an excellent book for newcomers and software developers to MongoDB. MongoDB in Action is a technical and well written guide to the world of MongoDB. Even though it is very technical, newcomers have nothing to worry about because of how practical it is. This book will teach you about indexes, queries, data modeling, Map-Reduce, etc. MongoDB in Action is packed with real world code examples to help you gain confidence in data modeling. The practice lessons will make you more proficient in MongoDB.

MongoDB in Action is a book that is filled with great explanations of how MongoDB works. Even though this book is geared towards Software Engineers, beginners will love it as well. Scale ability of MongoDB is one of its biggest strengths and this book shows you how to make best use of it. This is one of the best advanced MongoDB book in 2019.


3. Mastering MongoDB 3.x: An expert’s guide to building fault-tolerant MongoDB applications

Mastering MongoDB 3.x: An expert’s guide to building fault-tolerant MongoDB applications by Alex Giamas will help you become a MongoDB expert. This Mongo book will teach you how to master the advanced modeling, querying, and administration techniques in MongoDB. The book covers topics ranging from database querying using the shell, built in drivers, and popular ODM mappers to more advanced topics such as sharding, high availability, and integration with big data sources.


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