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Understanding TypeScript – 2020 Edition

Most people are familiar with Angular 2+’s TypeScript. That’s the language you have to use there, right?

Learn what TypeScript is, why it is such a powerful addition to JavaScript, what its features are, and how to use it! And in doing so, also understand what you are actually doing in your Angular 2+ code. This course takes you from the basics and its most important functionality (types!) To the point where you can use TypeScript in any of your projects. ReactJS projects included! As TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and heavily advertised as used by Angular 2+ (Google), it’s here to stay. Gain an edge today and be among the first to truly understand TypeScript!

As TypeScript code can be compiled to ES5, you will be amazed at the many next generation features that you can start using today. Whether it’s ES6 features like destroy or arrow functions, decorators, generics and interfaces or modules – TypeScript has them all! In this course, we won’t stop after the basics. You will learn about more advanced features and how to set up workflows with TypeScript. This includes a TypeScript-only workflow as well as a Webpack workflow. You will also learn that you are not limited to Angular 2+ or simple JavaScript / TypeScript projects. A full module explains how to use TypeScript with ReactJS to take advantage of its functionality, there too.

In this course, you will learn about:

Types and how to use them
How the TypeScript compiler works
ES6 features in TypeScript
Classes in TypeScript
Namespaces and Modules
How to embed third-party JavaScript libraries into your TypeScript project
How to configure a TypeScript project with Webpack
Or how to configure a standard typeScript workflow
How to use TypeScript with ReactJS
How to use TypeScript with Node / Express
Real projects and use cases!

You will learn:
Use TypeScript and its features like types, ES6 support, classes, modules, interfaces and more in any of their projects
Understand what TypeScript really is and how it works
Why TypeScript offers a real advantage over vanilla JavaScript
Learn TypeScript both in theory and applied to real use cases and projects
Learn how to combine TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express

Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide [2020]

Composition vs inheritance? You will understand it. Create your own web framework? You will. Typography with React / Redux? It’s here!

This is the best online course for mastering Typescript.

All other online courses teach you the basic syntax and functionality of Typescript, but only this course will show you how to apply Typescript to real projects, such as how to create large, successful projects.

Typescript is a JavaScript “superset”. This means that if you are already familiar with Javascript, you are ready to take this course. Typescript adds several important features to JavaScript, including a type system. This type system is designed to help you catch errors during development, rather than when you run your code. This means you’ll be twice as productive by catching bugs earlier in development. But in addition to the type system, Typescript also provides several tools for structuring large code bases and writing truly reusable code.

Mastering Typescript by reading the documentation alone is a challenge. While you may know what a “typed array” or “interface” is, the documentation (and other courses!) Does not show you where to use these features, or how to use them effectively. The purpose of this course is to help you understand why each feature of Typescript exists and where exactly to use it.

Major companies crave Typescript developers. Some of the largest web applications today are built with Typescript. Employers are scrambling to find engineers who are fully conversant with this advanced system. A solid knowledge of Typescript will make you much more employable, giving you a unique skill that few other engineers have.

Planning to create your own apps? Using Typescript will help you structure your project correctly from day one, making sure you don’t get overwhelmed by technical debt at a critical stage in your business. In this course, you will learn how to write reusable code, with an emphasis on using classes and interfaces to create swappable “widgets”. You will be able to reconfigure your apps on the fly to create wildly different functionality with minimal effort.

Learn from someone who worked on one of Typescript’s biggest projects. On my own professional projects, I have developed plugins for an open source browser based code editor called Theia. The Theia project is absolutely gargantuan in scale, encompassing hundreds of thousands of lines of code, all written in Typecript. This project only works thanks to the power of Typescript.

But don’t take my word for it – check out the reviews for this course! You will find that other engineers just like you have had great success and gained a new understanding of building scalable web applications.

The different skills you will master:

Understanding why composition vs inheritance is the most misunderstood topic in the JavaScript community
Master the fundamental features of Typescript by working on real projects
We’ll be building a custom front-end framework from scratch that you can use in place of React or Angular on your own personal projects.
Understand the complex interaction between classes and interfaces, and why these two elements of Typescript allow you to create incredibly reusable code
Dive deeper into Typescript with Decorators, which we’ll use to create a custom integration between Typescript and Express
Structure your React and Redux apps with more confidence by understanding how to couple them with Typescript
Ignore third-party library documentation by fluently reading type definition files
Find out how smart Typescript is by finding out how well it scans your code for errors

You will learn:
Master design patterns to build great apps
Integrate Typescript into React / Redux or Express projects
Understand composition and inheritance, and when to use them
Write reusable code powered by classes and interfaces
Assemble reusable matboards for your own Typescript projects

Using TypeScript with React

These days, TypeScript and React are extremely popular in the front-end world, and many companies use them to develop their web applications. Therefore, being able to build React apps using TypeScript is a pretty valuable skill in 2020. This course will teach you the TypeScript skills needed to start building React apps with confidence.

You will learn how to describe types for function and class components, how to work with higher-order components and make accessory models for code reuse, how to import third-party libraries, their types, and how to create types. personalized for them if necessary.

This course is best suited for those who have worked with React applications before and now want to learn TypeScript.

You will learn how to use TypeScript to build a React web application.

What are we going to build?

Project 1:

We will create a sample Create React App project with TypeScript and Redux. The objective of this project is to show how to use TypeScript with Redux while developing a simple web application.

Project 2:

We are going to create a task list app called “Task Mate” using the Next.js framework and the Apollo GraphQL libraries. You will learn to:

use brackets

create and use higher order components

merger declarations

create and use types for GraphQL queries and mutations

So, ready to expand your front-end skills? If so, take this course and let’s start coding!

You will learn:
Basic and Advanced Features of TypeScript
Using TypeScript in React projects
Writing types for React models (higher order components, rendering props, etc.)
How to embed TypeScript in a Create React application with Redux
How to Create a NextJS Web Application That Uses GraphQL API Using TypeScript
Using types provided by third-party packages and creating custom type definitions
Using React with TypeScript in general

Angular Essentials (Angular 2+ with TypeScript)

Angular is an amazing JavaScript (TypeScript) framework that lets you build small, medium, or large Single Page Applications (SPAs). Since the code runs entirely in the browser, you can create user experiences much faster than traditional websites!

The skills required to create such SPAs are in high demand as this type of web application is very popular and allows you to create almost mobile and highly responsive user experiences. Indeed, most modern web applications are built like SPAs today!

Learning Angular is never a bad choice and with this course it’s more correct than ever! This course gives you the fastest and most efficient way to dive into Angular. If you don’t want or can’t follow my complete guide to Angular or want to get a feel for Angular before you do, this course is for you! It is also your # 1 choice if you are already familiar with Angular but want the resources to refresh your Angular basics as quickly as possible.

Although this course is much shorter, it gives you all the basic Angular information you need. It focuses on the core of Angular, the most important features Angular gives you, and even shows you how to build a full Angular application!

You’re going to learn:

What is Angular
What is TypeScript – including a super efficient intro
How to use the CLI to create and manage Angular projects
How Angular Apps Start and Work
What roles do components play and how to use them
How to bind and transmit data
How to debug your application
How to use other third party JS libraries in Angular application
How to use the guidelines
How you can manage application state with services
How to turn your SPA into an “illusory” AMP with routing
How to manage user input with forms
How to send Http requests
How to build your project, optimize it and deploy it

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