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Learn Airtable 2024 – Best Airtable Courses & Best Airtable Tutorials

Best Airtable Courses 2021


Best Airtable Tutorials 2021

Airtable 2021 – The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Course

Whether you’re starting from square one or aspiring to become an advanced Airtable user, you’ve come to the right place. This course will give you an in-depth understanding of Airtable’s functionality using practical, contextual examples designed to show why Airtable is great and how they can be applied in different ways.


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

Easily create Airtable databases from scratch

Import and transform data in Airtable

Comfortably use ALL types of Airtable terrain

Create formulas to automate tasks

Use filtering, sorting and grouping

Use tips and tricks from experience


We’ll dive into a wide range of Airtable topics, including:

All types of Airtable controls

Airtable formulas

Filtering, sorting, grouping

Link tables

Collaboration tips and tricks

Understand all Airtable views and how to use them

Airtable for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Airtable for entrepreneurs! Do you own a business? Are you struggling to keep all records and data together and organized?

This course is for you! I’ll take you step by step from setting up your account to building a complete database that can run a small business.

You must take this course because Airtable is the most flexible and responsive database program around. With limited technical skills, you can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a clunky and expensive system. And you will be in control to do what YOU want. Neat, eh?

This course will only take a few hours to complete, but you can check it out whenever you need a refresher!

The Airtable Academy Become a Pro with Airtable & Zapier

Tons of Excel files, redundant and inconsistent data sets, long hours of manual data cleansing and vague guesses rather than educated decisions due to a lack of reliable data information.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you looking for a data management solution that you can modify and adapt to your needs on the fly?

Are you struggling to ditch all those locally stored Excel files for a central web solution?

Are you tired of watching your files load, your PC crash and restart?

Are you looking for a tool to design your own workflows and automate your processes?

Well, with Airtable the years of struggle come to an end.

Learn Airtable and access a new world of managing your business and your private projects:

Create a single source of truth instead of tons of Excel files

Stop manual work of monkeys and create automated workflows

Start managing your project instead of managing your data

With Airtable Academy, you can go from beginner to expert level in just a few hours.

This course has been specially designed to get you started quickly, so you can start creating your own solutions. After going through the lessons once, this will also be a useful resource to refer to if you want a refresher on any of the topics.

The practical examples in this course will help you understand how flexible Airtable is and you can base your work on these solutions instead of starting from scratch.

This course uses the latest version of Airtable so you get an explanation of everything that is currently available.

What you will get in this course:

A step-by-step video course, taking you from beginner to expert level

All the resources to download and follow

Access to the course community

An instructor to ask for everything so you don’t get stuck in your learning journey

A certificate of completion (if you complete the course ;-))

This course is designed for all creators who like to tackle projects on their own instead of using predefined solutions.

You don’t need any code or database knowledge, we’ll cover everything needed in the course.

You will learn:

How to Solve Everything About Data with Airtable – With Practical Examples
How to unleash the power of Airtable
How to set up your database and link records together
How to create an interactive database for your business or private project
How to automate your workflows with Airtable and Zapier

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