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Learn Apple Watch Development 2024 – Best Apple Watch Development Courses & Best Apple Watch Development Tutorials

Best Apple Watch Development Courses 2021


Best Apple Watch Development Tutorials 2021

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – Build 14 Apps

The creator of the Complete Web Developer Course (Udemy’s best-selling and highest-rated course of all time), is the Apple Watch Complete Developer Course.

In November 2014, when Apple released the WatchKit software tool for the Apple Watch, it opened up a vast untapped sea of ​​incredible new opportunities for people like you!

Whether you are a novice or an experienced coder, you now have access to limitless possibilities to earn money, developing applications for this lucrative new ecosystem.

Fact: The Apple Watch is THE big new platform of 2015, with sales expected to exceed 24 million.

Don’t get left behind, NOW is a great time to jump on the bandwagon!

Are you ready to cash in?

I’ve developed the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course precisely to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to take advantage of the growing Apple Watch craze. (Later I will explain how everyone can benefit from this!)

In addition to an easy-to-follow and clearly explained set of videos and code examples, you’ll get the following extras:

One year of unlimited web hosting on Eco Web Hosting’s Advanced package (valued at over $ 100)
Over 1,000 exclusive visuals specially designed for this course to make your applications stunning (valued at $ 500)
A copy of my 5 star rated book (on Amazon) How to Earn $ 10,000 Learning to Code

* Free web hosting offer is one per student and not per course

As you know, app development can be hugely profitable (and fun!). All you need is the know-how and a little imagination.

The course covers all aspects of the WatchKit SDK, including looks, notifications, application architecture, APIs, interface elements, and more advanced topics.

My goal is simple. To instill in you a deep level of knowledge to put you ahead of the competition. So when you’re done, you’ll be ready to unleash your creative ideas, tapping into a rich source of Apple Watch fans eager for your apps.

Whether you are completely new to coding or a Jedi Master, I have carefully designed this outcome-oriented course to suit all knowledge bases.

And, as with all of my courses, I’ll take you from zero to creating a finished product. In this case, these are 14 highly functional apps for the Apple Watch.

You’ll start by learning how to download Xcode, while I walk you through the basics of key programming. In just a few hours, you will leap forward in the course, quickly moving on to creating real apps and games, including location-based apps, bluetooth, and chat apps.

Hard to believe?

I know it’s hard to believe, but with just over 20 hours of fun and hands-on video lessons delivered in clear, easy-to-understand English, you’ll be a fully trained and confident Apple Watch developer. I guarantee it!

Why am I so confident?

My course is the first of its kind on Udemy and I’m sure you’ll love it. Why? Because I’m the creator of The Complete Web Developer Course (out of over 20,000 courses this is the best-selling and highest rated Udemy course ever!) And The Complete iOS Developer Course (which is quickly catching up !).

Using the experience I gained from over 94,000 course sales and feedback from over 3,500 five-star reviews, I have put together a truly comprehensive and user-friendly course for the Apple Watch – in fact, I think this is my best yet!

I really hope you will be the next person to start your own exciting journey into the profitable world of app development. Register today because what have you got to lose?

What do you get with the course?

As many of my lucky attendees will tell you, I want you to get the most out of this learning experience. That’s why you’ll get a host of useful extras to maximize your coding journey and get you started right away.

So with this course you will get:

· Over 20 hours of fun and hands-on video lessons from scratch on how to build great looking, highly functional apps for Apple Watch.

Video guides on creating a beautiful companion website to market your apps

One Year Free Web Hosting on the Unlimited Advanced Plan, with my highly rated web hosting company, Eco Web Hosting to host your websites (valued at $ 200)

· A collection of over 1,000 graphiques (valued at $ 300) to make your apps look awesome.

A free copy of my book How to Earn $ 10,000 While You Learn to Code

Who is it for?

This course is designed for ANYONE interested in application development. It’s that simple!

Swift is a fantastic language for learning to code, allowing you to build production-quality apps for the App Store using only FREE software!

Much like my web and app development courses, this is a comprehensive course that will take a complete beginner to an expert in making money in just 20 hours. Want to learn to code AND make money? Find out what thousands of others have said about my online classes and how it has changed their lives. Don’t be the one to miss!

So whether you are looking for a little extra cash on the side or a completely f

Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers – WatchOS 3 Apps

Thanks for viewing my course 🙂 “Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers” will help you enter the exciting world of WatchKit. This course assumes you have some iOS programming experience and immerses you directly into the specific tools you need to create WatchOS 3 apps.

Topics we cover include:

Tables in WatchKit (surprisingly different from TableViews)
Complications (have your app on the watch face!)
Synchronize data between phone and watch
Stand-alone applications
Apple Watch Specific Design Techniques
In this course, we’ll create full apps that you can install on your own watch or download from the App Store. For every application we make, you will receive the full source code so that you can always check your work against mine for reference.

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