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Learn ESL 2024 – Best ESL Courses & Best ESL Tutorials

Best ESL Courses 2021


Best ESL Tutorials 2021

English Speaking Course. Speak English Slang & Idioms. ESL.

Welcome to the American English Slang, Idioms and Pronunciation course. Americans can be very difficult to understand.

We speak fast.
We use a lot of slang.
We overwrite several words together creating new words.
We only pronounce parts of most of the words we use.
This course is designed to teach you the most common slang and idioms used daily by English-speaking Americans. It is also designed to help you pronounce words without an accent or reduce your native accent.

The course uses examples of everyday conversations that resemble what Americans say to each other at work, at school, and at home. This course is perfect for intermediate and advanced English students who have trouble recognizing American accents or understanding Americans when speaking in slang … and Americans use LOTS of slang, don’t they? This course can also benefit a beginning student. You probably won’t understand many of the words and phrases I use, but you will learn the important sounds and pronunciation, and practice a lot of listening to American English. Listening and practicing are the two most important things to do to learn English faster.

Here are some of the words and phrases you will learn:

A – All over the map, game A, ants in your pants
B – Blow It, The Blues, Beat, Bail, Bail Out
C – Fresh potato, cougar, cougar, cold shoulder, canned
D – Dude, don’t know, down to earth, Dibs, lead me up the wall
E – Epic, Easy as Pie, Elbow grease
F – For real, flirt, fail
H – Hang out, Hangry, hit someone
L – lose your mind, lose your temper, lose your temper, lose your mind, lose touch with reality
N – Nerd, Nuts, Nuke
P – Piece of cake, pig, pig, pain in the neck
S – Sup, Sweet, Screw Up, Screw Around
V – Vibes, Vamoose, Veg, Veg Out
W – Waddaya, Whatcha, wicked, wheels, when pigs fly, when hell freezes

If you’re ready to expand your vocabulary and learn to understand American English speakers better, join us today and let’s get started with American English Slang and Idioms.

Business English Course for ESL Students

If you are learning English for your job or career, then the Business English course is for you! It will help you communicate better in everyday business situations. This intermediate-level English course includes 40 lessons focusing on essential vocabulary and practical sentences for the workplace. The lessons contain video, audio and text, and there are plenty of exercises to help you review and practice your business English! The course is divided into four sections:

Basics of Business English

Vocabulary for everyday work
English for interviews
Talk with colleagues
Phone calls
Give presentations
Intermediate Topics in Business English

English for meetings and negotiations
Networking and chatting
Letters and emails
Speech markers to improve the fluency of your written and spoken English
English for different fields of activity

English for management and customer service
How to talk about finance, retail and marketing
Vocabulary for manufacturing and safety
Business English Specializations

English for computers and medicine
Legal and environmental issues
Non-profit associations
The course also includes:

Quiz and progress tests
Lessons on Business English Idioms
Downloadable audio and text

Excel at Teaching English: Be a Better ESL Teacher

Would you like to design and deliver more effective and personalized English training sessions? How about improving your skills in identifying and adapting material to create original learning resources? Or prepare precise lesson plans and appropriate test materials? Would you like to have access to lesson plans and original training materials in audio and print English that you can bring right into your classroom? If you are new to teaching ESL and want all of this and more, then this course is for you.

This comprehensive course for ESL trainers capitalizes on my many years of experience as a language trainer, distilling knowledge that I wish I had had in the early days of my teaching career. Practical advice and resources? This course got it. Basic skills? This course covers it. And the course is constantly evolving with you. With a better understanding of what English is and how we can teach it effectively, we help our students express themselves accurately and effectively. Material will be added regularly and comments are actively sought. So please consider this as your continuous benchmark for continuous learning and improvement. Be the best ESL coach you can be!

You’re going to learn:

to develop an understanding of what constitutes the English language (the building blocks) and why an understanding is important before starting the training.
have knowledge of the methods of teaching English.
to understand how accelerated learning techniques can be incorporated into ESL training programs.
to develop an awareness of the different styles and preferences of adult learning, which impact your lesson planning, choice of material and teaching method.
use the information above to plan better lessons, teach more effectively, better identify and explain errors, and choose the appropriate assessment tasks for your ESL students.
to effectively and efficiently teach basic English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing with confidence and ease.

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