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Best TOEFL Prep Courses 2020


Best TOEFL Prep Tutorials 2020

TOEFL iBT (26+) Complete Preparation Course!

Do you want to score over 100 points on the TOEFL iBT? We have the course for you. Learn from a dedicated TOEFL iBT instructor for over 12 years. Learning TOEFL iBT is a challenge as it is not just a matter of knowing English, but actually requires a proven testing strategy and tactics. The TOEFL iBT is an online exam and therefore your participation in this course will allow you to study in the format that best suits the exam.

Every section of our course has been updated. We have revised our course to reflect the latest question formats and strategies needed to be successful at these questions. This is a FULL and FULL course. We do not teach a surface course that explains the basics of the exam. To really break down and simplify the questions for you so that the test becomes easy, it takes the depth of the explanations we give. I teach you as if you were taking a full face-to-face course that would require extensive training. Depending on our style, our students often increase their score by 15 to 20 points or more. Our course teaches the strategies in a practical way so that you can apply them to the exam.

What you get from this course:

Over 150 lectures (over 60 hours of video teaching)
Strategies and tactics for each section
Instructor-Led Mastery Examples of Each Section
Free participation in live courses to examine the application of the strategy
Examination Boards of Former Reviewers / Ratters
Benefits of the course
Free participation in our live online course covering different topics
Have the written essays evaluated (time and number of requests allow)
Watch live teacher demos for success in each section
Have access to constantly updated examples of teachers
Free peer review participation for writing
At the end of the Understanding TOEFL course, you:
become familiar with all parts of the TOEFL test
have some useful tips to help you reach your TOEFL goals
understand how the TOEFL test is assessed

This TOEFL course is organized by skill: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each area of ​​expertise includes four key elements. Getting started: Introducing the strategies and tactics for each area, explaining the types of tasks, and providing advice not only on how to prepare but also on how to get top marks on each test section. Tips and tutorial videos: Our experts explain the application of tactics and strategies.

This TOEFL iBT course has received 2018 updates !! Unlike many books and other courses, our main focus is the application of strategy and tactics. We do more than tell you what to do, we show you how to do it. If this is what you were looking for, this course is for you. This is a FULL course.

You’re going to learn:

TOEFL Skills and Strategies to Score Over 100
More than 20 assignments and practice opportunities
Strategies for each specific reading question
Over 300 5 star reviews (*****)!
Monthly live lessons to test learned strategies
Revised oral expression section + integrated student practice
Remuneration of the instructor for writing homework
Listen to organized notes Take lessons for over 26 sheet music
Full course substitute for in-person courses

The Complete TOEFL iBT Success Course (NEW VERSION)

The objective of this course is to fully prepare you for the TOEFL iBT test so that you achieve a score of 100 points or more. This course will prepare you for all parts of the NEW TOEFL test. At the end of this course, you will be able to take the TOEFL for the score sufficient to enter the most prestigious American universities.

Do you like boring conferences? I hate boring conferences. Therefore, I will do my best to present the material in a fun and engaging way to make it easy and interesting to learn.

I know, the exam can seem very difficult at first. The reading passages are too long and complicated, listening is difficult to understand, all these questions are so delicate! Speaking can also seem very difficult – what are you saying? How do you manage to say it over time? The writing part – ugh! How do you write it all? How do you structure your essay, how do you find ideas? My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to be successful step by step. I’ll show you how to handle each task of the TOEFL exam.

I’ll give you the ready-made keys – tactics and secrets – to passing the TOEFL test. This course is very practical.

I’ll show you how to read the text in the Reading section, to save time and keep your focus. We’ll analyze the types of questions and discuss some of the test builder’s favorite pitfalls you need to watch out for.

In the Listening section, I’ll show you what to watch out for as you listen, what types of questions to expect, and what pitfalls to avoid.

In the Speaking section, I’m going to give you word-by-word patterns that you can use in each of your speaking tasks – you just need to learn them by heart.

I will also give you the ready-made templates for your writing section, which will make composing your essays very easy.

This TOEFL course is by no means overwhelming, but covers everything you need to know for the exam. I will teach you ready-made solutions that will help you pass the TOEFL with a perfect score.

It is important to remember that the TOEFL exam is not only the test of your English skills – it is also the test of your knowledge of the structure of the TOEFL test. Even if you know English perfectly, not knowing what they expect from you and what traps they have for you, it is very difficult to get a high score. In this TOEFL course, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the exam so that you can prepare to easily solve all of its tasks.

You’re going to learn:

You will be able to take the NEW TOEFL iBT test for 100 points or more
You will be fully prepared for the four sections of the test: reading, listening, speaking, writing
At the end of this TOEFL course, you will be able to take the TOEFL for the score sufficient to enter the most prestigious American universities.
You’ll learn everything you need to know to pass the TOEFL, including tactics, skills, patterns, and out-of-the-box solutions to address each question on the test.

TOEFL Prep in 2 Days: The TOEFL Emergency Course (NEW)

Looking for a quick and easy guide to the new TOEFL exam? The TOEFL emergency course has been designed to focus on the most important elements of the exam. At the end of the TOEFL course, students will be able to predict the structure of each section of the exam and use proprietary strategies to answer all of the questions. Most importantly, after completing the entire TOEFL Emergency Course, students will enter the exam feeling comfortable and confident in their TOEFL knowledge and skills.

Students who register for the TOEFL course will have access to:

5x hours of unprecedented video conferences
1x complete TOEFL test (with an answer key)
1x TOEFL diagnostic test
1x TOEFL essential vocabulary list
10 additional TOEFL worksheets

And students will be able to browse all the video content in just five hours. This TOEFL course is ideal for students new to TOEFL or experienced TOEFL participants looking for a new approach to testing. There are two types of TOEFL takers, those who get their score and those who don’t. Those who do not reach their goal, regret their lack of preparation. Register today and enter the day of the TOEFL test with no regrets.

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