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GRE Prep 2024 – Best GRE Prep Courses & Best GRE Prep Tutorials

Best GRE Prep Courses 2021


Premium GRE® Prep Course: Improve Your GRE Score

✓ 5 hours of engaging and fully animated content
✓ Hundreds of guided practice issues explained in detail by our GRE experts
✓ Analysis and explanation of essential testing strategies
✓ Created by a team of experts in preparation for tests from the most prestigious universities in the country

Nobody likes GRE. It’s boring, time consuming, and worst of all, it’s actually pretty important. So how do you overcome GRE boredom and score well?

Welcome to TutorMe’s GRE Course, the first fully facilitated GRE course, where we teach you GRE like no one has before. It’s fully animated and will teach you the concepts tested on the GRE like never before. The boring black and white problems of standardized testing will come to life in an engaging and entertaining way. With over 5 hours of original content, you won’t find more in-depth coverage of the concepts tested on the GRE. On top of that, we’ve added 500 more practice issues straight from the GRE. That’s more than two full tests of additional hardware.

Knowing how to take the GRE is almost as important as knowing what is on the GRE. Keep in mind that this is a standardized test, which means that the questions on the test will change each time you take it, but the skills and concepts tested will not. GRE is predictable. If you study it, you will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. There are some important testing strategies that you won’t learn in test prep books. We’ll help you master the most effective strategies for approaching the test. We are here to help you. At the end of the day, the GRE tests the concepts you learned in high school and college, but it also tests your GRE success. We’ll make you an expert on both.

Why is GRE so important?

GRE scores are essential for a student’s graduate education opportunities
Higher GRE score can lead to more scholarships
Some employers require GRE scores long after graduation

Master GRE Prep & GMAT Prep Maths through Animated Videos

The 5 advantages that a student obtains by completing this course:

(i) Techniques take precedence over concepts:

Most GRE / GMAT candidates struggle to get the right answers for quantitative comparison, data sufficiency, and multiple choice questions because they don’t know that it is easy enough to weed out wrong answers than to find The right answer. Here you learn these techniques.

(ii) Read what the test creators think:

ETS and GMAC create questions with lots of trick answers, our course teaches you how to escape these trick answers and identify the correct answers.

(iii) No Mathematics Only GRE and GMAT Mathematics:

With 15 years of teaching experience for GRE and GMAT aspirants, the course has been perfectly designed in such a way that here “you don’t miss any concept required for GRE & GMAT and don’t learn any concept not required for GRE & GMAT ”

(iv) Time only:

The traditional way of solving questions wastes your exam time, so we teach you techniques that save you time and improve accuracy.

(v) Animated videos:

Our course is designed through animated whiteboard videos, so you can avoid seeing the trainer’s face which improves your focus.

GRE English Vocabulary

Get a higher score in the GRE verbal reasoning section. This course is for GRE candidates who really want to excel. By the end of the course, you will have memorized 100 new English vocabulary words. Take the course now! It’s fun, it’s EASY. And you will remember the vocabulary words when you take your test.

Is your vocabulary failing you? Are you tired of taking practice tests and doing poorly? Tired of learning new vocabulary words that you immediately forget? Are you afraid of doing poor GRE results and not entering your dream doctoral school? Improve your GRE Verbal in less than 2 hours!

Learn vocabulary words to have a better GRE score in less than 2 hours! In this course – just a few videos – you will learn 100 GRE vocabulary words with Cartoon Pictures. It’s simple. It’s easy. It is much faster than reading a vocabulary book. And it’s more fun! Less boring and NOT painful! See you in class!

Nova’s GRE Math Prep Course

This is a comprehensive and rigorous course. Twenty-six chapters provide an in-depth review of all the math you need for the GRE. The course contains all of the text from the 468-page GRE Math Prep Course book, so it is completely self-contained. You will not need any outside material for the course. Each year, students pay $ 1,000 and more to test prep companies to prepare for the math section of the GRE. You can now get the same preparation in an online course. Nova’s GRE Math Prep course offers the equivalent of a 2-month, 50-hour course. Although the GRE math section is difficult, it is very easy to learn. Nova’s GRE Math Preparation Course presents an in-depth analysis of GRE Mathematics and introduces many analytical techniques that will help you immensely, not only in GRE but also in graduate school.


Videos! About 1000 videos explaining the text, examples and exercises in detail step by step.

Comprehensive Review: Twenty-two chapters provide a comprehensive review of GRE math.

Mentor Exercises: These exercises provide tips, ideas, and partial solutions to ease your transition from seeing GRE issues resolved to solving them yourself.

Dominate GRE Math | Target GRE 330+ | Structured GRE Prep

Methods that will help you get more than 330 points in GRE. Start your GRE engine in a way that relies on your knowledge rather than feeling like you’re going nowhere. Easily solve even the difficult GRE questions of Numbers, Permutation and Combination and Probability in GRE.

Learn math for GRE in a fun new way. After this course, you will be able to approach the questions with a new angle of thought. Extensive coverage of GRE Number Properties, Permutation and Combination, and Probability. This is a course that will help you become a pro at GRE Numbers, P&C, and Probability. Anyone after carefully following this course will start to like math for GRE. You will surprise yourself with how you begin to approach GRE questions.

Do you want to achieve a GRE score of 330+? Numbers, permutation, combination, and probability are an important part of preparing for GRE math. In this GRE course, I will teach you unique methods to solve problems in a structured way for GRE.

The GRE topics covered are:


Section 2: Mathematical foundations of the GRE

Prime and composite numbers

Prime factorization

How to check if a given number is a prime number



HCF and LCM of fractions

Appropriate, incorrect, mixed and equivalent fractions

Compare, multiply, divide fractions

Operations involving decimals

Classification of numbers

Converting an unterminated recurring decimal to a fraction


Laws of exponents

Section 3: Finding the Unit Digit / GRE Questions Based on Power Cycle Concepts

The unit number depends only on the unit number

Power cycle

Section 4: GRE questions based on divisibility rules

Rules for 2,4,8

Rules for 3.9

Rules for 5.10

Rules for any composite number

Rules for 11,7,13,37,25

Section 5: GRE questions based on the remainder

Basic Theorem of the remainder

Fermat’s theorem, trick based on Euler numbers

Section 6: How to Quickly Find the Square of a Number GRE Questions

Section 7: Finding the Last 2 Digits of an Expression-Based GRE Question

Section 8: In arithmetic progression and GRE questions based on the remainder

Section 9: GRE Questions Based on Successive Divisions

Section 10: GRE Questions Based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem

Section 11: GRE questions based on divisions

Section 12: GRE Questions Based on Sum of Digits

Section 13: Factorial GRE Questions

Find the number of zeros in a factorial

Highest power a number that can perfectly divide a factorial

Find a number whose factorial will have a given number of zeros

Section 14: Sum of the first n natural numbers GRE questions based on

Sigma N

Sigma N ^ 2

Sigma N ^ 3

Section 15: Number of factors of GRE questions based on a given number

Method to find the number of factors

Numbers with exactly 3 factors

Numbers with odd number of factors

Section 16: Write a number as a sum of consecutive numbers based on GRE questions

Find out how many ways this can be done

Numbers that cannot be written as the sum of consecutive numbers

Section 17: Write N as x ^ 2-y ^ 2 GRE Questions Based on x ^ 2-y ^ 2

Find out how many ways this can be done

Numbers that cannot be written as x ^ 2-y ^ 2

Section 18: GRE questions based on square root

Find the Square Root Using Prime Factoring

Square root using the Division method

Estimate the square root


Section 19: P&C Basics

Section 20: Relationship between GRE questions based on P and C

Section 21: Basic Principle of Counting GRE Based Questions

Section 22: In-depth permutation of GRE questions based on

Section 23: In-depth combination of GRE questions based on

Section 24: GRE questions based on aggregation

Section 25: GRE questions based on disorder



Section 27: Completing Event-Based GRE Questions

Section 28: GRE questions based on exhaustive events

Section 29: GRE Questions Based on Mutually Exclusive Events

Section 30: GRE Questions Based on Independent Events

Section 31: GRE Questions Based on Conditional Probabilities

Section 32: R Success in N Tests Based on GRE Questions

Section 33: Odds For / Odds Against GRE Based Questions

Section 34: Practice Likelihood Questions Based on GRE Questions

You will be able to dominate the GRE by approaching math in a new way. The methods you learn in this course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of numbers, permutation and combination, and probability for GRE. The course starts with basic concepts and takes any student to an advanced level allowing students to crack GRE.


After attending this GRE course, you will have an intermediate set that seeks to categorize and analyze every new GRE related issue you do and add it to the knowledge repository you have. This structured approach to GRE preparation that will be ingrained in you will help you improve day by day.

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