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This week we build a Desktop React App with Electron, transform SVG with SVGR, look at React Suspense Concurrent Mode and more!


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Building with React for All Platforms: Top Frameworks and Tools

Nathan Sebhastian lists 5 recommended frameworks and tools to help you use React.


Deploy a React + Node app to production on AWS

Asim’s detailed walkthrough on setting up a production-ready web server.


Building a React Desktop App with Electron

Shanika Wickramasinghe builds a desktop app with React and Electron.


How to create and publish your own React Component on NPM

Tanmay Sharma details the process.


5 common mistakes writing React components (with hooks) in 2020

Lorenz Weiß lists them.


Transform an SVG into a React Component with SVGR

Chidume Nnamdi shows how to transform SVGs into a collection of reusable React components.


The ultimate roundup of React form validation solutions

Wern Ancheta complies and explains.


Gatsby Raises $28M Series B

Kyle Mathews announces what this means.


Implementing Shared Element Transition in React Native

Nitish Prasad shows step by step.


How to improve developer experience with React Suspense in Concurrent Mode

Daishi Kato further explains.

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