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Best Angular courses 2024

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

This Angular js course will use Typescript for writing your first Angular application. Typescript functionality will be introduced in the context of Angular web development. You’ll also get an introduction to use Angular Material and Angular Flexible Layout for responsive UI design. You will be introduced to various aspects of Angular, including components, guidelines, and services. You will learn about the data link, the Angular router and its use to develop single page applications. You will also learn how to design both template-based and responsive forms.

A quick introduction to Observables, reactive programming, and RxJS in the context of Angular is included. You will then learn about Angular support for client-server communication through the HTTP client and the use of the server-side REST API. A quick tour of Angular Animation Support and Angular Testing completes the trail. You must have completed the previous Bootstrap 4 Specialization course or have a working knowledge of Front End Web UI frameworks to be able to navigate this course. A good working knowledge of JavaScript, especially ES 5, is also highly recommended.

You will:

Client-side JavaScript frameworks and the Angular framework

Implement single page applications in Angular

Angular features including Angular directives, components and services

Angular material and Angular flexible layout to design responsive Angular applications

Observables and RxJS in Angularjs application

Angular Certification Training

Edureka Angular certification training is run by top industry Angular experts. This interactive online AngularJS training course will allow you to build dynamic, responsive and interactive web applications by mastering the core concepts of Angular 8. This Angular course is live, instructor-led and helps you master the key concepts of AngularJS, with practical demonstrations. You will:

Develop a good understanding of web application development architecture

Create Angular Apps Using Angular CLI Commands

Create Angular components using TypeScript code

Interact with raw DOM elements using directives

Inject services using dependency injection

Retrieve data and capture it using observables

Configure Angular Router to Modularize Applications

Write test cases for your web application

Deploy apps using Docker and Nginx

Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

This Johns Hopkins University course is taught by Yaakov Chaikin. Do you want to write powerful, maintainable and testable front-end dynamic javascript applications faster and with less code? So consider joining this course to gain skills in one of the most popular Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks today, AngularJS. Developed and supported by Google, AngularJS is a very marketable skill to acquire.

In this course, you will explore the basic design of AngularJS, its components, and its code organization techniques. We will improve the functionality of our web application by using dependency injection to reuse existing services and write our own. We will be creating reusable HTML components that take advantage of AngularJS data binding as well as extending HTML syntax with a very powerful feature called Angularjs directives. We are going to configure the routing so that our SPA can have multiple views. We will also learn how to test our unitary functionalities. At the end of this course, you will build a fully functional, well-organized, and tested web application using AngularJS and deploy it in the cloud.

Angular – The Complete Guide (2023 Edition)

You will learn:

What architecture uses Angular

How to use TypeScript to write Angular applications

What is dependency injection and how to use it

How to use modules in Angular

An introduction to NgRx and complex state management

Develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 10

Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular application and how to use it

Use the acquired and in-depth understanding of Angular fundamentals to quickly establish yourself as a frontend developer

Build single-page apps with one of the most modern JavaScript frameworks

Learn Angular from the best Angular tutorial for beginners in 2023.

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building client applications with HTML, CSS, and TypeScript. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or full-stack developer, you need to learn Angular. If you’ve been confused or frustrated moving from one Angular 4 tutorial to another, you’ve come to the right place. In this course, Mosh, author of several successful Udemy courses, takes you on a fun and pragmatic journey to master Angular 4. You will be able to:

Viewing data and managing events
Adding routing and navigation
Implementing Authentication and Authorization Using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
Deploy your apps on GitHub, Firebase and Heroku pages
Building real-time serverless applications with Firebase
Animating DOM Elements Using Angular Animations
Create stunning user interfaces using Angular material
Redux architecture implementation
Writing unit and integration tests

The best advanced Angular tutorial in 2023.

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide [2023 Edition]

Build modern, scalable, and fast web applications with Angular (formerly Angular 2, now simply “Angular”) and Node.js + Express + MongoDB. Angular 1 and NodeJS, along with ExpressJS (a NodeJS framework) and MongoDB formed the very popular MEAN stack. Now is the time to dive into MEAN 2.0 and replace Angular 1 with Angular 2+.

Learn and Understand AngularJS

Knowing about AngularJS can get you a job or improve the one you have. It is a skill that will put you in greater demand in the modern web development industry and make your web software life easier, which is why it is so popular and supported by Google Angular team.

You will learn:

Learn the fundamental JavaScript concepts that power AngularJS framework.
Write faster and better AngularJS code by seeing how AngularJS itself is built.
Familiarize yourself with AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, etc.
Create a Single Page Application (SPA) in AngularJS.
Be the coder who explains AngularJS to everyone, because you understand it better than anyone.

Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch

This course has been completely re-recorded and rewritten for .Net 5.0 and Angular 10. Have you learned the basics of ASP.NET Core and Angular? Don’t know where to go next? This course should be able to help you. In this course, we start from scratch and gradually build our API and Angular front-end until we have a fully functional web application that we then publish to IIS and a Linux server.

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