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Learn CATIA 2024 – Best CATIA Courses & Best CATIA Tutorials

Best CATIA Courses 2022


Best CATIA Tutorials 2022

Catia V5R20

People are often intimidated by 2D and 3D modeling software and think that it will take years of learning to master the software and be able to use it. This is a misconception.

This course is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to confidently produce 2D and 3D models of your drawings and allow you to use your time efficiently. This is designed keeping in mind the apprehensions of the users regarding the software and therefore the language used is easy and lucid without the use of heavy technical jargon so that it is easy to understand for all.

What will you learn

We start with the basic functions for creating 2D sketches and then we create 3D models, covering many intermediate commands to make you a proficient user. The course will start by covering the most basic features and move on to the most advanced features that will allow you to achieve your learning goal of 3D modeling.

The course is divided into sections which will allow you to have a systematic learning approach. The sections are divided into:

Tools and Controls
Generate views
In this new era of 3D printing, learning 3D modeling gives you an added advantage, and any working professional can be sure to have a head start with this popular software, as many major aerospace industries , automotive, shipbuilding, industrial equipment and architecture use this software to varying degrees for their modeling needs.

Complete CATIA V5 Express Training

In this “CATIA V5 Express Complete Training” program, you will discover a unique and successful teaching method, developed and tested on thousands of students during live sessions. This course is designed for people new to CATIA V5 as well as students who learned CATIA V5 a long time ago and just want to quickly get to grips with the tools and features and use them immediately in their projects.

This course introduces the tools of CATIA V5 in a step-by-step process that will allow you to clearly understand the application of the tools under discussion before starting the next tool.

Main strengths of the course

All drawings performed in the lectures are included in this course for download.

At the end of each section, you will come across a section related quiz that will further expand your understanding in the relevant section.

This course was designed using the CATIA V5 R20 version, but is also suitable for all versions of CATIA V5.

Taught by a professional team led by MS N. S. Roy who is the Chief Course Designer with nearly 50 years of experience in technical design and product development.

A beginner can start practicing the tools from the first lecture

A professional brushing CATIA V5 can easily go directly to the section of their choice.

This course has been designed in such a way that you can easily learn any other high-end 3D CAD modeling software using the concepts you will learn in this course.

However, if you don’t like the course, you can request a refund.

CATIA V5 course for beginners

This course will help you acquire a set of CAD skills in CATIA V5 by:

1. Understand the CATIA V5 user interface.

2. Learning sketching tools to create 2D profiles.

3. Learning part design feature tools to create 3D geometries from 2D profiles.

4. Learn the assembly tools and constraints to assemble 3D part files in a spatial relationship to function as a single product.

5. Learning drawing tools to create 2D engineering drawings to convey important manufacturing information.

6. Learning wireframe and surface modeling tools to create 3D models based on surfaces.

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