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Learn Computer Repair 2024 – Best Computer Repair Courses & Best Computer Repair Tutorials

Best Computer Repair Courses 2021


Best Computer Repair Tutorials 2021

ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance

Is your computer running slowly? Welcome to an easy-to-learn web-based course in basic computer maintenance to help keep your PC in top condition and give you a solid foundation in computer repair.

In this course, you will learn all the different methods to answer the age-old question: How to speed up a slow computer as well as some little-known features (tips and tricks) of Windows to improve your productivity. After all, you can do more with your PC than shop online and check your emails, right?

You’re going to learn:

Why is your computer slow
Why is your computer taking a long time to start
Task planner
Data recovery from hard drive
Windows Remote Assistance
How to clean a dirty computer

Computer Repair – A Guide For Beginners

If your computer isn’t performing very well and you can’t afford to have it repaired, this is definitely the computer repair course for you. I have worked in computer repair for over 15 years and this course is just a small part of the many techniques in this course. Let’s face it, your computer is going to crash, it’s only a matter of time. Wouldn’t you like this time to be as long as possible? Take care of your computer and it will take care of you.

Learn how to back up your entire computer very easily. (You’ll thank me for it when your computer crashes one day)
Find out why antivirus software is so important and which one I recommend.
Find out how to upgrade your computer without paying someone to tell you.
Follow it step by step as I walk you through and show you how to speed up your computer. It’s easier than you think.
Let me show you how to prevent problems from occurring, so that you can enjoy your computer.
Receive a verifiable certificate of completion to present to employers upon completion of this course.
Fix your computer BEFORE everything goes wrong, you won’t regret it.
Don’t waste your money asking Geek Squad or someone else to do what you can do on your own. Believe me, it really is easier than you might think. Just read the reviews and you will see what people are saying about this course.

You’re going to learn:

Learn Secrets To Speeding Up Your Computer The Geek Squad Don’t Want You To Know
Make your computer faster than ever
You’ll learn how to do what I charge hundreds of dollars for
Get comfortable with your computer
By the end of this course you will have a whole new set of skills and you won’t believe how simple it was.
You will learn good practices to keep your computer running like new on a regular basis

Computer Repair: Fix Your Own Computer At Home

Learn the skills and strategies that professionals use to repair computers. This beginner’s course will allow you to fix your computer yourself and save a ton of money. I have been repairing computers for over 10 years and am now ready to release these methods to the public.

Repair computers using the same methods that the technical repair industry charges $ 100 / hr.

Fix the 5 most common computer problems
Professional secrets to speed up your computer
Earn money repairing other people’s computers
Valuable Skills That Can Save / Make You Big Money

After learning these skills, you will wonder why you paid so much to have your computer fixed. The methods you will learn are so easy to understand that you can take the lessons and fix your computer in real time.

The skills you will learn are commonly used by computer repair technicians. Since everything revolves around technology today, technicians charge a ridiculous amount to fix our computers. I will teach you the skills that they themselves use and much more. Created for beginners, this course will help you solve the 5 most common computer repair problems, including: computer runs slowly, viruses and malware, Internet does not work, computer freezes and annoying pop-up / banner ads.

After learning how to solve these different problems, I get into the “right things”. I’m going to tell you the dirty secrets of the computer repair industry – the ones they want to charge you for! You will learn how to optimize your computer to keep it running at full speed, how to boost your web browser for uninterrupted browsing, and to free up disk space using the exclusive tools presented only in this course.

Once you have mastered these basics, you will also learn how to repair other people’s computers, regardless of the specifics of the problem. An added benefit is that you can use these new skills to generate income by repairing other people’s computers and devices. I expose the easiest way to learn how to repair iPhones, video game consoles, etc.

Clean Your Computer & Make It Run Fast – with No Cost Tools

Learn how to get your computer running as fast as possible. Even if you are afraid to look at anything other than your email or Facebook, you can learn how to use completely free tools to fix the things that are destroying your surfing pleasure. Have you ever tried to visit a website only to find your computer screen completely unusable because it is covered in pop-ups? Are you getting big, glowing messages telling you that you have hundreds of viruses? Are you tired of taking your computer to the repair shop to pay hundreds of dollars to get it cleaned up and speeded up?

Then this course is for you. You’ll take a gentle glance at your computer and learn a little more about it than you ever thought you wanted to know. Then you will find out the truth about how you can surf the net and how to protect yourself from brutal attacks and hijacked web pages. You will learn about the different programs available and how to safely and correctly use anti-virus and anti-malware programs to protect yourself. The course can be completed in a weekend if you want to dive into it. The best thing is that you can see immediate improvements in your computer’s performance before halfway through class.

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