Learn CouchDB 2020 – Best CouchDB courses, Best CouchDB tutorials & Best CouchDB books

Best CouchDB tutorials 2020

Understanding CouchDB: Learn Basic & Advanced NoSQL Skills

Understanding CouchDB: Learn Basic & Advanced NoSQL Skills by Mad Pink will take you from beginner to advanced in CouchDB. You will learn the fundamentals of CouchDB and differences from traditional databases. This CouchDB tutorial will show you how to install CouchDB on MacOS, Windows and Linux. Creating and working with Design Documents. You will learn to query data with Map/Reduce and Mango Query system. This CouchDB course will teach you to work with the web interface (Futon and Fauxton) as well as REST API. CouchDB security and bulk actions are also touched upon. This is one of the best CouchDB tutorial in 2020.

Best CouchDB courses 2020

Learn NoSQL Database Design With CouchDB

Learn NoSQL Database Design With CouchDB by Edunoix will get you started with NoSQL and CouchDB. You will learn NoSQL Database Design techniques and the differences with SQL. This CouchDB tutorial will teach you the features and attributes of CouchDB along with how to use them. You will learn the role of JavaScript and JSON in CouchDB. This is a project based best CouchDB course in 2020.

Best CouchDB books 2020

CouchDB and PHP Web Development Beginner’s Guide

CouchDB and PHP Web Development Beginner’s Guide
  • Juravich, Tim (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages - 06/22/2012 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)

Get your PHP application from concept to deployment by leveraging the powerful features of CouchDB with this book and ebook. Create and deploy a flexible social networking application using PHP and Leverage key KDDB features for heavy lifting. Take a closer look at documents, opinions, transcripts and more to find out the features and functionality of CouchDB. Imagine a lightweight PHP framework from scratch and write code that can be easily ported to other frameworks. CouchDB is a NoSQL database that creates waves in the developing world. This is the tool of choice for many PHP developers, so they should understand the powerful features of CouchDB and the tools to handle them. CouchDB and the PHP Web Development Startup Guide will teach you the basics and basics of using CouchDB in any project. You’ll learn how to build an app as you go through different code examples and real world situations, learning the difference between the “quick way” to do things and the “right way”.

You will start with a step towards setting up a word development environment and then learn how to create different documents manually and programmatically. Git will also teach you how to manage their source control and track their progress. With each new idea such as adding users and posts to your application, the author will show you step by step the code and show you how to use the powerful features of CouchDB. Finally, you will learn how to easily deploy your application and how to use a simple copy to scale your application. You are about to learn:

Set up a web development environment from scratch
Immerse yourself in CouchDB and see how it examines databases, documents, design documents and views
Imagine a simple PHP framework from scratch and create one that will communicate directly with CouchDB
Enable users to register, login and reset their passwords through our app using CouchDB
Allow users to create post, leverage design documents, views and lists for heavy lifting
Learn how to connect some of the bells and stairs commonly used in modern social media
Add protection and place your application in production
Learn how to use CouchDB to copy your database

Each chapter follows the creation of a social networking app with step-by-step instructions. This means you can easily create a complete and functional application at the end of the book. This book is made for beginners and intermediate PHP developers interested in using CouchDB Development in their projects. Advanced PHP developers will appreciate the familiarity with PHP architecture and learn how to integrate CouchDB with their existing development experience. This is the best CouchDB book in 2020.

Scaling CouchDb

Scaling CouchDB: Replication, Clustering, and Administration
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Holt, Bradley (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 74 Pages - 04/19/2011 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)

This how-to guide provides a short course on CouchDB scaling to meet the capability requirements of your distributed application. Through a series of series-based examples, this book lets you explore a number of ways to build a system that can adapt to development and meet expected needs. During the process, you will learn about a few tools that can help you with copying, load balancing, clustering and load testing and monitoring.

Apply performance tips to tune your database
Copy data using Futon and CouchDB’s RESTful interface
Distribute the workload of CouchDB with load balancing
Learn about the options for creating a CouchDB node cluster with bigcoch, lounge and pillow
Check the load distributed with Sung

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