Best F# courses & tutorials 2018


Functional Programming with F#

Functional Programming with F# by Mark Gray will teach you how to get started with F# functional programming. This F# tutorial is aimed at F# beginner and intermediate developer. Basic F# syntax knowledge is beneficial. In this F# functional programming tutorial you will work on two projects. Inthe first project, you will build a predictive text engine and deploy it to Nuget. You will lean how to write basic unit tests in FsUnit. You will create libraries that you can use with other .Net languages. This F# course will teach you how to share those publicly on NuGet.
In the second project, Bayes Theorem will be used to classify spam massages based on real world data. You will build a command line application and parse command line arguments. This will help you gain an understanding of machine learning.


Building F# Applications

Building F# Applications by Packt Publishing will teach you to design, build, and deliver real-world applications faster with F#. This F# tutorial is ideal for C# developers, and F# developers familiar with the basics of F#. You will start by setting up your IDE for F# development. This F# tutorial will introduce you to F# tools for test automation, builds, and dependency management. You will model your F# application’s problem domain by making use of F#’s immutable data types and collections. This F# course will teach you how to make invalid states unrepresentable. You will lean how to build simple-to-complex application behavior with F# functions. This F# tutorial will show you how to interoperate between your F# applications and other .NET languages


Best F# books 2018

F# Deep Dives

F# Deep Dives by Tomas Petricek and Phil Trelford will teach you real-world F# techniques. You will learn to solve a real programming challenges effectively by using F# and the functional-first approach. This F# book will teach you how F# developers solve problems. You will learn what concepts they use to solve them along with how they integrate F# into current systems and environments.



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