Julia is a high-level dynamic programming language designed for high-performance numerical analysis. Julia was first released in 2012 by Jeff Bezanson, Alan Edelman, Stefan Karpinski and Viral B. Shah. Some of Julia’s distinctive features include a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, extensive mathematical function library, etc. Here’s a list of the best Julia tutorials, Julia books and Julia courses to help you learn Julia programming language in 2018.


Best Julia courses & tutorials 2018


1. Learn and Master Julia Programing Language

Learn and Master Julia Programing Language by Kishore Sethumadhavan will help you learn and explore the Julia programming language. This Julia tutorial is aimed at beginners. You will start with installing Julia. Then you will move onto learning the fundamentals of Julia. This Julia course follows a comprehensive approach to learn Julia programming. You will write intermediate level Julia code using REPL. This Julia programming language tutorial will teach you to learn how to perform advanced Julia features like file IO operations, error handling and plotting. This is the best Julia programming language tutorial in 2018.


2. Hello Julia: Learn the New Julia Programming Language

Hello Julia: Learn the New Julia Programming Language by Stone River eLearning take you from complete beginner to intermediate in Julia. This Julia tutorial will teach you to write intermediate level Julia code. You will start at the very beginning and be guided through the installation process of Julia. Then, the basic functions and features of Julia will be presented to you. Julia topics such as variables, strings, logical operators, arrays, types, dictionaries, loops, list comprehensions, scope and modules are all covered. This Julia course will then move onto more advanced Julia features like file IO reading, meta programming, error handling, etc. This is the best Julia programming language tutorial for beginners in 2018.


Best Julia books 2018


1. Getting started with Julia Programming Language

Getting started with Julia Programming Language by Ivo Balbaert will give you a head start to tackle your numerical and data problems with Julia. You will learn to work with Julia in a multi-core, distributed, and networked environment. This Julia programming language book will help you learn the techniques to create blazingly fast programs with Julia. The book walks you through various practical examples to get to grips with Julia. This is the best Julia programming language book for beginners in 2018.


2. Mastering Julia

Mastering Julia by Malcolm Sherrington will help you develop and enhance your programming skills in Julia to solve real-world automation challenges. This Julia book starts off with an installing and running Julia on different platforms. You will learn the different ways of working with Julia and explore Julia’s key features in-depth. This Julia book will show you how data works using simple statistics and analytics. You will learn about Julia’s speed, which makes it useful in highly intensive computing tasks. This is the best Julia programming language book in 2018.


3. Julia High performance

Julia High performance Paperback by Avik Sengupta will help you learn to code high reliability and high-performance programs. You will learn to analyze and measure the performance of Julia code. This Julia book will help you understand how to avoid bottlenecks and design your program for the highest possible performance. You will create fast machine code using Julia’s type information. This Julia book will give you an overview of Julia’s distributed computing capabilities.


4. Julia for Data Science

Julia for Data Science by Zacharias Voulgaris will help you learn how to master the Julia language to solve business-critical data science challenges. This Julia book covers the importance of Julia to the data science community. You will start with the basics of Julia, including how to install Julia and its powerful libraries. This Julia book is packed with examples to illustrate how to use each Julia command, dataset, and function. This is the best Julia programming language book for Data Science in 2018.



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Last updated on November 12th, 2018

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