Best Nagios courses & tutorials 2018


Setting up Nagios 4 monitoring

Setting up Nagios 4 monitoring by Rusty Yonkers will teach you how to set up Nagios 4. You will learn to setup a Nagios server on Red Hat, Ubuntu and Centos. This Nagios 4 tutorial will teach you how to install from both source and from packages. You will learn how to connect your Nagios 4 server to both Linux and Windows servers for basic monitoring. This is one of the best Nagios 4 tutorials in 2018.


Nagios for infrastructure monitoring

Nagios for infrastructure monitoring by Javed Akbar will teach you Nagios installation and configuration on Ubuntu 18.04. You will learn about the most popular monitoring tool in the industry.
This Nagios tutorial will teach you step by step to install and configure Nagios on an Ubuntu 18.04 Linux server. You will learn to monitor your existing IT infrastructure using Nagios. This Nagios course will also help you deploy Nagios from scratch to protect and monitor your environment. This is one of the best Nagios and Ubuntu tutorials in 2018.

Last updated on November 6th, 2018

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