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Welcome to issue 188. This week we use the React Profiler, see the Redux Toolkit, create React blog with Netlify[...]
Welcome to issue 187. This week we build a Windows 95 theme Pokédex with React, write reusable React Components, use[...]
Welcome to issue 186. This week we write clean React Code, learn React Konva, compare best React libraries and more[...]
Welcome to issue 185. This week we check out React.useRef and React.createRef, look at React Microfrontend, start React TypeSCript and[...]
Welcome to issue 184. This week we get the first official React update of the decade, read React lists, write[...]
Welcome to issue 183. This week we speed up React dev, combine React + GitHub Issues, upload with GraphQL +[...]
Welcome to issue 182. This week we hear how your React code sounds!, learn SEO in JS, do React State[...]
Welcome to issue 181. This week we build React on Raspberry Pi, use Reusable React components, test React with Cypress[...]
Welcome to issue 180. This week we update our React portfolio, see Shopify use React Native, build sticky React navbar[...]
Welcome to issue 179. This week we have a React Cheatsheet, upload with GraphQL and React, compare Components and much[...]
Welcome to issue 178. This week we optimize React performance, Make VSCode React Again, React Accessibility and much more!  [...]
Welcome to issue 177. This week we outline what to learn in 2020 (React, ofcourse!), re-acknowledge Svelte won't kill React,[...]
Welcome to issue 176. Happy New Year 2020! This week we review React in 2019, build Chrome extensions with React,[...]
Welcome to issue 175. Last issue of the year! Thank you for being with us through 2019! This week we[...]
Welcome to issue 174. This week we read the State of JavaScript 2019, check the top React talks of 2019,[...]
Welcome to issue 173. This week we check use React to Fake News, build React charts with Victory, run React[...]
Welcome to issue 172. This week we check the only Cyber Monday React deal you need, see create-react-app, use React[...]
Welcome to issue 171. This week we check out the best React Black Friday deals, do React Type Checking, use[...]
Welcome to issue 170. This week we learn Adaptive Loading, Redux Style Guide, React Integration/Unit Testing and much more!  [...]

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