January 2, 2019


Best Phoenix courses & tutorials 2018


The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp

The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp by Stephen Grider will teach you to master Functional Programming techniques with Elixir and Phoenix. This course is ideal for beginners. You will get started with Elixir and Phoenix quickly. This Elixir tutorial will start by mastering the fundamentals of functional programming with Elixir. You will grasp all the different pieces of syntax in standard Elixir programs. All the important Elixir syntax will be taught. You will learn how Phoenix works and learn all its internals. This Phoenix tutorial also teaches you to master OAuth & use PostgreSQL. This is one of the best Phoenix tutorial in 2018.


The Complete Apache Phoenix Developer Course

The Complete Apache Phoenix Developer Course by HubeTech Academy, Inc will introduce you to Phoenix. You will understand the fundamentals and uses of Apache Phoenix. This Phoenix tutorial will teach you how to configure Phoenix properly. You will learn how to structure data to get maximum performance from NoSQL solutions. This Phoenix course will teach you to create Phoenix tables, load data, and execute queries against that data. You will learn how to retrieve data from Phoenix by using a JDBC connection. This is one of the best Phoenix tutorials in 2018.


Best Apache Phoenix books 2018



Bestseller No. 1
Pro Apache Phoenix: An SQL Driver for HBase
  • Shakil Akhtar, Ravi Magham
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Edition no. 1 (12/30/2016)
  • Paperback: 140 pages
Bestseller No. 2
Introduction to Apache Phoenix - Training DVD
  • Learn Introduction to Apache Phoenix from a professional trainer from your own desk.
  • Visual training method, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning
  • Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step lessons, ideal for all
  • Comes with Extensive Working Files!



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