Last Updated: October 18, 2018

Welcome to issue 113.

This week we use Webpack, Babel & Material Design with React, build React AR & React VR, view React UI components and much more!


The best Advanced React course in 2018. Sale ends in 24 hours.

The new fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL by Wes Bos just launched. Master React before the year ends!


Want to learn React in a few hours?

If you wish to get started and learn React effectively & quickly, React for Beginners is for you.


How to use ReactJS with Webpack 4, Babel 7 & Material Design

Nazare Emanuel Ioan combines the technologies.


11 React UI Component Playgrounds for 2018

Jonathan Saring lists useful online playgrounds and editors for React UI components.


How to combine Webpack 4 & Babel 7 to create React apps

Adeel Imran shows us how.


Releasing styled-components v4 final

Evan Jacobs declares it ready.


How to use Sass & CSS Modules with create-react-app

Esau Silva’s guide to styling components with create-react-app


Yelp Fusion API & Geolocation API with React Native

Valerie Rojdestvenskaia explains.


React Context & Re-Renders: React Take the Wheel

Ryan Florence tells us why.


Using with React & Redux

Siri McClean gives an example.


Build 100% type-safe React apps in JavaScript

Martin Hochel shows us how to benefit from TypeScript.


Build AR & VR with React, Amazon Sumerian & AWS Amplify

Nader Dabit creates Amazon Sumerian VR apps with React.

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