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Welcome to issue 31.

This week we review the best TypeScript books in 2017, see Twitter’s Redux Store, test React & Redux, learn the 101 on GraphQL and much more!


Learn TypeScript

TypeScript adds optional features to JavaScript and can be used with ReactJS.


React setState() Gate

Navigating React setState() Behavior Confusion


Build a lunch recommendation app in React Native

You know those moments when you want to grab some lunch, a coffee, or drinks with friends, but nothing you can think of feels right?


Diving Deeper into Twitter’s Redux Store

The process to use the Redux DevTools Extension on your own code is relatively simple, and documented very well in the project’s docs.


Tutorial: GraphQL Mutations with React

How to modify data on the server and keep the client in sync


Five Ways Vulcan Makes Apollo Even Better

The Telescope project gains new features and has changed to a new name, Vulcan.


An iOS Dev’s Experience with React Native

If you’re a developer in the iOS space you’ve probably heard of React Native. The promise is simple and compelling: write once, ship twice. iOS and Android all in one shot.


Improve Your UX by Dynamically Rendering Images via React

User Experience is a lot more than how your product looks aesthetically. It’s also how performant it is, how intuitive it is — how much it delights your user.


How to test React & Redux with Redux-saga & ReactDnD

Helpers and systems to make testing easier.


The Anatomy of a GraphQL Query

GraphQL vocabulary 101.

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