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Best Redux Courses 2021


Best Redux Tutorials 2021

Redux Saga with React: Fast-track Redux Saga intro course

Redux Saga Cheat Sheet – a new Redux Saga Cheat Sheet with use case examples has been included in the course so you know what keywords or saga effects to use and when to use them.

Handling of errors in redux sagas.

Do you want to dramatically improve your capabilities and increase your value as a web React or front-end developer?

Redux Saga is the perfect setting for that, and this Crash Course in the Redux Saga will help you achieve it! Please note that although this course contains lectures on writing Redux Actions / Reducers and React Components, these lectures are there for the sole purpose of seeing the thought process behind the implementation of Redux Saga in a real world application. Lectures that cover coding Redux actions / reducers and React components offer minimal guidance as it is assumed that you already have a basic knowledge of these frameworks. This is a course on Redux Saga and not on Redux or React.

Redux saga is a library that aims to make application side effects, such as data retrieval / API call, more manageable, more efficient to run, and better handle failures. The Redux Saga is an incredibly clean way to separate the logic for calling API endpoints and updating your redux state based on the actions of redux. The sagas of the redux saga library are implemented as Generator functions which give objects to the redux-saga middleware. The generated objects are a kind of instruction to be interpreted by the middleware. When a promise is assigned to the middleware, the middleware will suspend the saga until the promise is completed. Once the promise is resolved, the middleware will resume the saga, running the code until the next output.

The control that the redux saga brings is far beyond any other library, such as redux thunk. You have full control over how redux sagas are called, when they are called and what kind of work they do, as well as how they influence the redux store.

In this crash course, you will learn:

How redux saga fits into a single page front-end application, using React and Redux.

What are redux sagas.

How to query an API with the redux saga – and handle the response.

How to configure a redux saga to listen to distributed redux actions and the different ways to configure the redux saga to listen to distributed actions.

Basically, send redux actions from a redux saga and update the state of your redux application.

Learn the key concepts and models of the redux saga such as take, takeEvery, takeLatest, fork, put, call as well as blocking and non-blocking calls.

Learn ES6 syntax and learn more about generator functions in JavaScript.

You may have used redux-thunk to manage your data recovery before – after taking this course, I’m sure you will switch to using Redux Saga for your future projects!

You will learn:
Increase your value as a React developer.
Understand the key concepts of Redux Saga and start using them in your own projects.
Find out how Redux Saga fits into a single page front-end application.
Learn the basics of Redux Saga to call an API and update your Redux state.

Modern React with Redux [2021 Update]

Latest course update for React v16.6.3 and Redux v4.0.1! All content is brand new! The update includes detailed videos on the new React Hooks system.

Congratulations! You’ve found the most popular, comprehensive, and up-to-date online resource for learning React and Redux!

Thousands of other engineers have learned React and Redux, and so can you. This course uses a proven and combat proven method to make sure you understand exactly how React and Redux work, and you will get a new job as a software engineer or help you build that application you’ve always dreamed of.

The difference between this course and all the others: You will understand the design patterns used by large companies to create extremely popular web applications.

React is the most popular JavaScript library for the past five years, and the job market is still hotter than ever. Companies big and small can’t hire engineers who understand React and Redux fast enough, and engineer salaries are at an all-time high. Now is the perfect time to learn React!

This course offers hundreds of videos with dozens of custom diagrams to help you understand how React and Redux work. No previous experience with either is necessary. Through tireless, patient explanations and plenty of interesting practical examples, you’ll learn the basics of building dynamic, live web applications using React.

Each subject included in this course is added gradually, to ensure that you have a solid foundation of knowledge. You’ll find plenty of threads added to help you understand exactly when and where to use each feature of React and Redux.

My guarantee to you: there is no other online course that teaches more features of React and Redux. It is the most comprehensive resource there is.

Below is a partial list of the topics you will find in this course:

Master the core React functionality including JSX, state, and props
From scratch, understand how to create reusable components
Dive into the source code of Redux to understand how it works behind the scenes
Test your knowledge and hone your skills with plenty of coding exercises
Integrate React with advanced browser features, even geolocation APIs!
Use popular style libraries to create beautiful apps
Master different deployment techniques so you can show off the applications you create!
See different methods of creating user interfaces using component composition

Besides React and Redux, you’ll get countless other tidbits of knowledge, including ES2015 syntax, popular design patterns, even the clearest explanation of the keyword “ this ” in JavaScript you’ll ever hear.

This is the course I wanted to take when I first learned React: comprehensive, up-to-date, and clear.

You will learn:
Create amazing one-page apps with React JS and Redux
Master the fundamental concepts behind the structuring of Redux applications
Realize the power of building composable components
Be the engineer who explains how Redux works to everyone because you know the fundamentals so well
Familiarize yourself with the toolchain supporting React, including JavaScript syntax NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6 / ES2015

Advanced React and Redux

Knowledge of React + Redux is 100% required! If you know about reducers and action makers, you will be fine.

The course includes content specific to React v16.6.3 and Redux v4.0.1! For React v14, start with the section called “Testing with React v14”

This is the tutorial you’ve been looking for to take your React and Redux skills to the next level.

Authentication with Express / Mongo? Yes! Middleware / higher order components? We understood. Test with Mocha / Chai? It’s here!

This course wastes no time diving straight into interesting topics and teaches you the foundational knowledge you need to understand and in-depth create React components and structure applications with Redux.

Mastering React and Redux can lead you to a job in web development or help you build the personal project you’ve been dreaming of. It’s a skill that will put you in greater demand in the modern web development industry, especially with the release of Redux and ReactNative.

There are dozens of great tutorials online for React and Redux, but none of them teach the essential and challenging features of these two fantastic libraries. I created this course to push you beyond “just getting started”.

Learn how to thoroughly test React and Redux code, including tests for creators and action reducers

Familiarize yourself with the higher order components. I don’t know what they are? No problem, you are using them without even knowing it!

Rewrite popular Redux middleware from scratch to handle asynchronous actions

Become a master of the most delicate subject in JavaScript: authentication. You are going to write a server with enterprise level authentication from scratch that can scale to hundreds of thousands of users. No shortcuts, no dummy data.

I built the course that I wanted to take when I was learning React and Redux. A course that explains the concepts and how they are implemented in the best order so that you can learn and understand them in depth.

You will learn:
Build a scalable API with authentication using Express, Mongo, and Passport
Learn about the differences between cookie-based and token-based authentication
Find out what a higher-order component is and how to use it to write significantly less code
Write Redux middleware from scratch to find out what’s going on behind the scenes with Redux
Configure your own test environment with Jest and Enzyme
Realize the power of building composable components

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