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Welcome to issue 44.

This week we create universal React components, we become a better ReactJS developer, look at Redux Router, learn NoSQL with MongoDB and much more!


Creating truly universal React component systems

Announcing styled-components/primitives, an experimental entry point combining styled-components and react-primitives.


Pre Release: Redux-First Router

The purpose of this article is to debunk the effectiveness of route-matching components + nested routes when using Redux, while discovering a better, simpler, obvious way.



Learn MongoDB

NoSQL is gaining popularity over SQL as the database technology of choice among many startups and companies. MongoDB has quickly become the go to option when using NoSQL databases. We review books that teach will teach you NoSQL with MongoDB.


Your React Native offline tool belt

Having worked with React for a while, I am currently building a medium-sized React Native application in my free time, simply to try out the platform and because I truly love building mobile apps with minimum effort.


Techniques for decomposing React components

React components have a lot of power and flexibility. With so many tools at your disposal, it is incredibly easy for components to grow over time, become bloated and do too much.


How we got 1,500 GitHub stars

Recently we released an open-source tool called GraphQL Voyager. Surprisingly, it got to the first page of Hacker News and GitHub trending and gained 1,000+ stars in the first few days.


React Flight

Ultra simple animation compositions with React.


Getting started with draft.js

Draft.js is a powerful framework for creating text based editors. It removes a lot of the complexity of working with contentEditable. This is a basic tutorial on how to get started with draft-js.


How to become a more productive React Developer

Developing complex React applications is… well, complex. You need to keep many things in your head at the same time, and it’s super easy to get distracted and lose focus.


MobX + React Tutorial

We’re going to be building an App called a List Detail View.


Build and automatically deploy a React site

Building, deploying and hosting a website has never been easier especially with the extensive range of free tools and services available


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