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Welcome to issue 59.

This week we structure React properly, TDD with React & Redux, learn all about React Universal Components, learn Go programming language for scalability and much more!


The 100% correct way to structure a React app

or why there’s no such thing…


8 Key React Component Decisions

Standardize your React development with these key decisions.



Learn Go

Go is built with memory management and concurrency in mind. Learn how to use Go for your benefit.


Test-Driven Development with React & Redux

React and Redux have introduced a lot of functional programming concepts to the development of User Interfaces (UIs).


Why React Developers love Node

Some people mistakenly assume that Node is required in order to use React.


Making mistakes with GraphQL

We decided to try GraphQL because of the flexibility it gave our client developers.


Up and Running with Universal Components

The very first challenge you will face when implementing Universal Components is what solution to base your library on.


React Native, Firebase and You

Getting started with Firebase in React Native project.


How to build a basic version of Product Hunt using React

The application is a voting application inspired by Product Hunt and Reddit.


I’m Breaking up with Higher Order Components.

Writing declarative, readable and flexible React components using render props instead of HOCs


What you need to know about React 16

The major features of React 16.



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