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Welcome to issue 82.

This week we see how GraphQL replaces Redux, look at the 4 layers of a React.js SPA, build a React Native app in 10 days, share our React Components, celebrate St. Patrick’s and much more!


Mark Johnson explains what sounds too impossible to be true.


Daniel Dughila architect a React application from the ground up, exploring the domain and its services, store, application services and the view.


Learn Phoenix


Jonathan Saring shows how in a simple 5 minute walkthrough to easily organize, share and sync your favorite React components between all team’s your different projects and applications.


Nader Dabit teaches us how to do implement world 2 factor authentication (both SMS and TOTP) using React, React Router, and Amazon Cognito.


Shyianovska Nataliia show how to build a simple line chart using react-vis, a React visualization library created by Uber.


Austin Hale details how his team made an iOS & Android mobile app in 10 days.


Sam Aryasa gives us React/Redux tips to use a separate reducer to store all isFetching flags instead of polluting all of your reducers.


Faouzi Oudouh introduces us to React-tracker.


Benedek Gagyi shows 5 framework-agnostic unit testing patterns for React.


Jason Brown walks us through the process.

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