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Welcome to issue 95.

This week we use build React.js apps with Material Design, use React.js with ElasticSearch, build a Machine Learning API with React.js, and much more!


Yomi shows how to create React apps with a Material Design.


Sukhjinder Arora walks us through the process.


Learn Vue.js


Raj Meghpara shows us how.


Ben Cochrane outlines the process in great detail.


K. tells us all about Render Props.


Kent C. Dodds compares two similar patterns that enable many of the same use cases.


Rajesh Pillai builds a React range slider component step by step using only


Kingsley Silas tells us what React Context solves.


Brian Vaughn explains some common anti-patterns with derived state and our preferred alternatives.


Justice Mba solves testing issues by using react-testing-library.

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