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Best Abaqus Courses 2021


Best Abaqus Tutorials 2021

Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials

Welcome to the Abaqus Structural Engineering Tutorial, the only course you need to learn how to manage real structural engineering examples. This course is specially designed for students of civil and mechanical engineering who wish to deepen their knowledge of finite elements. This course will teach you the theory behind the input parameters as well as the modeling and analysis of the results.

You will learn:

Various damage models such as: concrete damage plasticity (CDP), Johnson-cook, Johnson-Holmquist, Hasin damage model, ductile and shear damage model
Application of various loading conditions (tension, compression, flexion, high and low impacts, repetitive impact and cyclic loading)
Modeling of concrete and steel columns and beams
Reinforced concrete beam and column with CFRP, steel bands and bars and metal foam
Using the XFEM method to study crack growth

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