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Best Computer Networking Courses 2020


Best Computer Networking Tutorials 2020

Introduction to Computer Networks for Non-Techies

This is a simplified course that takes you outside the basics of solidworks and gives you all the knowledge and skills you need to become a certified solidworks professional (cswp). This course will allow you to confidently use solidworks to design complex innovations and write complex models. After this course, you can proudly list your advanced solidworks skills in your CV. This course is not a shortcut to obtaining the certificate. We follow a learning-by-doing approach so that you truly master all the skills needed for the certification test.

* The screen broadcast for this course was done using sw 2017. However, you can take the course in full and use the additional downloads if you are using sw 2015 or newer.

Note: This course can be seen as an advanced continuation of our previous best selling solidworks courses. The previous course takes you from nothing to Associate Certification Level (cswa) while this course goes from Associate Certification Level (Basic Level) to Professional Certification Level (cswp).

With this course you will get:

Full and free lifetime access to 51 conferences (increasing over time).

All future conferences and additional upgrades will always be free.

Udemy 30 day unconditional money back guarantee – we’re sure you would love the course 🙂

Learn the basics of computer networking from one of udemy’s top computer instructors

Are you a non-technician interested in learning more about computer networks? Are you a business or aspiring professional who needs to better understand how networks work? Then you have come to the right place!

In this 14.5 hour course, I will show you step by step the basics of computer networks, teaching you the essential fundamentals of computer networks that you need to know.

If you are looking to advance or start your career in Information Technology (IT), this course is a must!

What you will receive in this course

14.5 hours of lessons and live demonstration videos

Downloadable course videos for offline viewing with the udemy mobile app and PDF lectures of all PowerPoint slides

18 quizzes and two case studies

Key themes of the course:

How computer networks work
Network topologies
Networking devices and cabling
The osi and tcp / ip models
IP and subnet addressing
Switches and routers
Wireless network
Internet security
Network planning and design process

Upon completion of this course, you will understand how computer networks work and how to plan and design a computer network!

You will learn:

Understand how computer networks work
Know the internal workings of a computer network
Understanding the benefits of computer networks
Know how to plan and effectively design a computer network

Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced

By the end of this course, you will be fully aware of the basics, devices and protocols of wired and wireless computer networks step by step. You will also reach the professional level of network security in terms of concepts, technologies and tools. The course does not require any training or pre-requisites, but you will be able to understand all up to date terminologies in network security during the courses.

This course is organized as follows:

Section One: Introduction to Computer Networks

Conference 1: What is a computer network?
Conference 2: Computer network topologies
Conference 3: Categories of computer networks
Conference 4: Computer Network Devices and Services
Conference 5: Transmission media of computer networks
Section two: ISO / OSI model (7 layers)

Conference 1: Why the ISO / OSI model?
Conference 2: Application, Presentation and Session Layers
Lecture 3: Transport and network layers
Lecture 4: Data Link and Physical Layers
Conference 5: ISO / OSI model in action
Section Three: TCP / IP Protocol Suite

Conference 1: Introduction to computer network protocols
Conference 2: IP Protocol
Conference 3: TCP and UDP protocols
Conference 4: Application protocols
Conference 5: TCP / IP Features and Tools
Section Four: Wireless Networks

Lecture 1: Benefits of wireless networks
Lecture 2: Types of wireless networks
Conference 3: Wireless Network Protocol (Wi-Fi)
Conference 4: Wireless Network Devices
Lecture 5: Disadvantages of Wireless Networks
Section Five: Computer Network Security

Conference 1: Security objectives
Conference 2: Securing the network design
Conference 3: Security and TCP / IP tools
Conference 4: Analysis of ports and tools
Lecture 5: Sniffing and tools
Section Six: Firewalls and Honeypots

Lecture 1: Why use a firewall?
Lecture 2: Firewall Rules
Conference 3: Filtering firewalls
Lecture 4: Honey Pots
Lecture 5: Bypassing firewalls
Section Seven: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS / IPS)

Lecture 1: What are Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)?
Conference 2: Network IDS (NIDS)
Conference 3: NIDS challenges
Lecture 4: Snort as NIDS
Conference 5: Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
Section Eight: Wireless Network Security

Read 1: Wired Equivalent Privacy WEP Attack
Conference 2: WPA and AES protocols
Lecture 3: Misconceptions About Wireless Security
Lecture 4: Wireless attacks and mitigation
Lecture 5: Secure network design with wireless
Section Nine: Physical Security and Incident Management

Lecture 1: Physical security objectives
Lecture 2: Physical threats and mitigation
Conference 3: Defense in Depth (DiD)
Lecture 4: What is an incident?
Conference 5: Incident management
Section Ten: Conclusion on Computer Network Security

Conference 1: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA)
Conference 2: Assets, threats and vulnerabilities
Conference 3: Risks and intrusion in the network
Lecture 4: Common attacks
Conference 5: Safety recommendations

Computer Networking : Go from Zero to Hero (2020)

If you run a business, the importance of computer networks is probably pretty obvious. Put simply, networking impacts everything from applications to backup and restore tools, from how your team communicates to how important information is stored.

Well, can you imagine your day without texting your friends? Can you go through your day without relaxing with Netflix? Well the answer is NO! Everything our lives are related to involves networking! To send a single Whats App message, we need a network! Even calling your mom to tell her to cook something delicious requires network operations! Well, are these networking elements really important?

Well take a look at these points!

About a billion computer systems are connected to the Internet.

About 3.2 billion people use the Internet, of which 1.7 billion Internet users are Asian.

The Internet is made up of five billion computing devices such as computers, phones, modems, switches, routers, etc.

According to Google, the Internet consists of 5 million terabytes of data.

About 204 million emails per minute are sent over the Internet.

Shocking, right? Imagine what would happen if the Internet did not exist! No internet, no chat, no Netflix, no emails, not even GAMES! And that’s why we need computer networks!

As technologies have evolved, networking has also evolved. While networking was once a bunch of desktops connected by wires and cables, nowadays networking includes wireless systems and connections and other advanced technologies.

Did you know? Microsoft has more servers than Google. Microsoft has over a million servers while Google has 900,000.

How will this course help you?

Clear the basics of computer networking

Successful interviews with FAQs

Get your doubts resolved with real working examples

With the help of this course, you can start studying for CompTIA Network +, Cisco CCNA, and other networking exams!

Why should you register for this course?

The perfect answer to this question would be – Take a look at our program. This course is created by experts in the field of cybersecurity. The instructors have a solid grasp of networking concepts and have been working as certified instructors for 3 years! They have trained more than 20,000 students through their networking and cybersecurity courses. Take a look at some highlights of this course!

Handpicked program, specially designed for all levels of learners.

Continuous assessment through stimulating quizzes.

Get your questions answered within 48 hours.

A variety of resources such as useful links, books, PDFs are also provided.

Regular program updates.

Networking is explained directly from the basic definitions!

Practices with explanations included.

Who can register for this course?

This course is not intended for a specific group of people. Anyone interested in learning more about networking can register for this course. If you already know a few concepts, you can always revisit the ideas and clarify. We’ve covered statistics as well as technical topics. In short, this is a perfect course for you if you want to jumpstart your cybersecurity career!

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