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AWS Elastic Beanstalk 2024 – Best AWS Elastic Beanstalk Courses & Best AWS Elastic Beanstalk Tutorials

Best AWS Elastic Beanstalk Courses 2021


Best AWS Elastic Beanstalk Tutorials 2021

AWS Elastic Beanstalk – Master Class|Hands On Learning!

You will learn:

You will learn all the features of Elastic Beanstalk environments
You will understand in detail the concepts of progressive updates and deployments and implement them.
You will learn each Elastic Beanstalk configuration item.
You will master the concepts of continuous integration and continuous delivery using AWS development tools such as CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline.
You will learn how to use EB CLI and many CLI commands
You will create the Custom Platforms – very advanced section in Elastic Beanstalk.
You will also create packer templates to create AWS AMIs (machine images)
You will master load balancers (Classic, Application & Network load balancers)
You will learn end-to-end Full Stack application deployments that span CloudFront, static website on S3 and Route53
You will also implement continuous integration and continuous delivery for Full Stack applications
You will learn how to create a VPC corresponding to real-time architectural designs in relation to Elastic Beanstalk.
You will understand RDS databases and their deployment models in combination with Elastic Beanstalk.

DevOps: CI/CD using AWS CodePipeline & Elastic Beanstalk

Automated Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are an essential part of DevOps and are a skill in high demand. In this course, we’ll look at the topic in depth by walking through a sample project and building a complex CI / CD pipeline on AWS. You will acquire the following five extremely valuable and highly sought after skills:

Learn how to conceptualize and design CI / CD pipelines for your own web applications
Deploy and Scale Web Applications on Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Build pipelines on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure using AWS CodePipeline
Learn about advanced topics such as Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Lambda extensions to perform custom actions in your CodePipeline
Monitor your automated CI / CD pipelines
Today’s technological landscape is extremely competitive and is changing at an incredibly fast pace. With the emergence of cloud-based infrastructure, many startups are disrupting long-established businesses, industries and sectors almost daily as their barriers to entry and costs keep dropping. DevOps and continuous integration / continuous deployment processes allow the team to iterate often and innovate faster.

After completing this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of continuous integration and continuous deployment processes. You will be able to confidently design a CI / CD pipeline for your own web applications. You will gain an in-depth understanding of AWS CodePipeline and AWS Elastic Beanstalk services.

With these skills, you will be able to create fully automated deployments of your web applications on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.

The course is very practical and together we will walk through an example project. We will choose a web application and deploy it to the Amazon cloud using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Next, I’ll demonstrate and build a fully automated CI / CD pipeline for our web application using AWS CodePipeline. I’ll cover these two AWS services in detail while giving you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

We will also cover some advanced topics such as ebextensions and adding AWS Lambda functions to your AWS CodePipeline.

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