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Best Firebase Courses 2020

Best Firebase Books 2020

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service platform that allows you mobile and web application first development  introduced in 2011. It was acquired by Google in 2014. Firebase developers are increasing in demand. Learn Firebase in 2020.

Best Firebase courses & tutorials 2020

Starting with Firebase

No previous experience is required. You will understand the use of Firebase for JavaScript projects. This course will teach you to work with Real-time Database. You will use Cloud Functions to extend Firebase. This tutorial will give you knowledge on how solutions are designed, configured, and developed. This is one of the best Firebase tutorial for beginners in 2020.

Angular and Firebase – Build a Web App with Typescripticon

by Angular University< will teach you to build full-stack applications. This course requires previous knowledge of Angular. The features you build include client-side search, authentication, forms, navigation, etc. You use the Angular Fire Library. You will make use of it (along with RxJS) to build a service layer.

This course will teach you the Firebase basics. You will use the Firebase SDK, with and without Typescript. This course will teach you the model the data of a Firebase application. Using the WebSockets based client and Real-Time Database allow us to build our systems in a much simpler and performant way. You will take advantage of the FIREstack architecture. You will build a batch job with the SDK and Firebase Queue. The value proposition of the Firebase Backend as a Service (BAAS) solution is amazing.Learn Firebase from the best Firebase tutorial in 2020.

Angular 4 and Firebase 3: Create a Instagram-like portal

Development and deploy a complete front-end single page application. You use Angular CLI, components, modules, services, pipes, data-binding, etc. External libraries such as bootstrap and lodash are used. You will make use of a number of Firebase features include Database, Authentication, Functions, Hosting and Storage. This tutorial will teach you to become a Firebase developer.

Create a Basic Real-Time Chat App with Angular4 and Firebase

Create a real-time chat app from scratch. Tools used include uses Angular for the frontend and Firebase for the backend. You will start off by setting up the development environment. This tutorial will teach you to create a remote repository. You will write code logic to send messages in real-time. This AngularJS 4 tutorial will show you how to use dependency injection as a service.

Best Firebase Books 2020

The Road to React with Firebase: Your journey to master advanced React for business web applications

The Road to React with Firebase: Your journey to master advanced React for business web applications
  • Wieruch, Robin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 199 Pages - 01/24/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Responding with Firebase is a personal journey of mastering Advanced React for business web applications in your JavaScript, while Firebase is used to replace whatever you want from backend applications. Firebase allows you to allow your feedback application to authenticate with your application through a database connection, disconnection, and registration process, and to allow certain users to access your application. It comes with hosting capabilities and social connections through Google, Facebook and much more. Everything in the book will be explained when creating an enterprise web application yourself.

I’ve been writing The Road to React with Firebase for the last two years. In the meantime, I understand the practical talents of Firebase, and how it dramatically reduces the technology stack to focus on achieving sh *. Once you’ve set up your Starter Kit project – which we’ll do together with this book – you’re ready to practice your personal ideas quickly. You don’t have to complicate things by adding a backend application with a database to your frontend application, because Firebase does it with a well-designed API. I have applied the same principle as in my other books:

Stay pragmatic Keep it simple Answer the why Find a problem, solve a problem

This book may not be the perfect reference for the Firebase API or a detailed guide to the internal components of Firebase. Instead, his goal is to respond in a practical way by learning Firebase and creating a complete application of himself to the stack of these technologies. The end result is the foundation of making your business application a reality.

The Definitive Guide to Firebase: Build Android Apps on Google’s Mobile Platform

The Definitive Guide to Firebase: Build Android Apps on Google's Mobile Platform
  • Moroney, Laurence (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 288 Pages - 11/12/2017 (Publication Date) - Apress (Publisher)

Plan how to create more advanced apps, how it can do business, and how to make money from your hard work using Firebase. In this book, Lawrence Maruni, Google’s staff developer advocate, goes through each of the 15 Firebase technologies, showing you how to use them with precise examples. You’ll see how to build cross-platform applications with the three pillars of the Firebase platform: technologies to help develop applications with real-time databases, remote configuration, cloud messaging, etc. Help sharing with users And win with your applications for integrated advertising.

After reading the specific guide from Firebase, you will be given the ability to share most of this technology which helps you to create better cross-platform mobile applications using native Android or JavaScript web applications and deploy them effectively in the cloud environment. You are about to learn:

Use real-time databases for code-free midware that provide online and offline data for synchronization to your users’ devices Master Firebase Cloud Messaging, a technology that delivers on connected devices less than 500 ms Biologically develop your app with technologies like app indexing, app invitations and dynamic links Understand that there are problems with crash reporting Troubleshoot user issues without direct access to the user’s device Combine this with analytics that provides insights into how users interact with your app.

Experienced Android and new mobile application developer on Firebase. This book seeks to create and deploy web applications for smartphones and tablets for experienced web developers who may be new or less experienced in mobile programming.

Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 4 and Firebase: Hybrid Mobile App Development

Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 4 and Firebase: Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Cheng, Fu (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 460 Pages - 11/03/2018 (Publication Date) - Apress (Publisher)

by Fu Cheng will teach you to build hybrid mobile apps. This book will teach you the create content-based Ionic mobile apps. You will use the advanced features of Ionic framework. Firebase is used as the app’s back-end storage. You will build, test, and continuously deliver Ionic mobile apps. This book will show you how to publish and analyze Ionic mobile apps.

Firebase Cookbook: Over 70 recipes to help you create real-time web and mobile applications with Firebase

Firebase Cookbook: Over 70 recipes to help you create real-time web and mobile applications with...
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Yahiaoui, Houssem (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 288 Pages - 11/29/2017 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)

by Houssem Yahiaoui is packed full of Firebase recipes.

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