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Learn Google Assistant Development 2024 – Best Google Assistant Development courses & Best Google Assistant Development tutorials

Best Google Assistant Development Courses 2021


Best Google Assistant Development Tutorials 2021

Google Assistant development with Actions on Google

This course will show you how to create an app for the Google Assistant and Google Home in Node.js!

You will experience the development of Google Assistant from scratch!

Assistants are one of the biggest trends in 2021. Some have even suggested that they will eventually supplant our app-based ecosystem. With assistant apps, you create an app that works on smart speakers, like Google Home, and devices like Android phones, Android watches.

App leaders like Apple, Amazon, and Google, who want to ensure people spend most of their time in their apps, are betting big on assistants. And devices like Google Home are entering our homes.

So if the predictions turn right, it will open up a new channel for businesses to reach a large audience. And here is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Be one of the first people to know how to create apps for the assistant. You can create it for your business or for other people.

In the tutorial, we will create a sample app. Its purpose is only to show you how things work. We will be hosting our app on Firebase, so you will learn how to use Firebase Realtime database and use Firebase functions. To get the most out of the course, you can work on this sample bot and also work on your own ideas. I added some homework in which you will create your application.

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