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Best Microeconomics Books & Best Microeconomics Courses in 2024

Best Microeconomics Courses 2022

Microeconomics Principles

Most people make the incorrect assumption that economics is ONLY the study of money. The primary goal in this Microeconomics course is to shatter this belief. During this course, we will be addressing the above questions as well as many more relating to:

-the environment
-love and marriage
-labor markets

My main goal is to show you the way economists think and how to use this analytical system to answer questions related not only to these and other important human issues but to anything you end up doing with your life after this class. After all, as you will quickly find out, I believe that everything is economics!

Microeconomics: The Power of Markets

We make economics decisions every day: what to buy, whether to work or play, what to study. We respond to markets all the time: prices influence our decisions, markets signal where to put effort, they direct firms to produce certain goods over others. Economics is all around us.

This University of Pennsylvania course is an introduction to the microeconomic theory of markets: why we have them, how they work, what they accomplish. We will start with the concept of scarcity and how specialization according to comparative advantage helps us achieve more than we could alone. Next we model a marked using the tools of Supply and Demand and learn what well working markets accomplish and what their limit are. We end by exploring the impact of government intervention on perfect markets. Examples are taken from everyday life, from goods and services that we all purchase and use. We will apply the theory to current events and policy debates through weekly exercises. These will empower you to be an educated, critical thinker who can understand, analyze and evaluate market outcomes.

Economics: Mastering Microeconomics 101

This course covers the most important foundation concepts in microeconomics necessary for application in more advanced models. Principles of microeconomics and theories discussed in this course can also be applied in real life decision making. All the important theories, models, graphs and laws are discussed using high-quality sound and animation. No live recordings of lectures or boring screen-shots of textbook pages!

Mastering Foundations in Microeconomics is a great resource for exam, lecture or test preparation. Students can go through all the material chapter by chapter, or simply complete selected chapters in which they feel they need additional support. Examples from everyday life are provided at the end of each chapter as well as multiple choice quizzes to further enhance each student’s learning experience, regardless of capability.

Microeconomics: When Markets Fail

Perfect markets achieve efficiency: maximizing total surplus generated. But real markets are imperfect. In this course we will explore a set of market imperfections to understand why they fail and to explore possible remedies including as antitrust policy, regulation, government intervention. Examples are taken from everyday life, from goods and services that we all purchase and use. We will apply the theory to current events and policy debates through weekly exercises. These will empower you to be an educated, critical thinker who can understand, analyze and evaluate market outcomes.

Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 43 hrs)

This is a course covering the key areas in micro economics at a beginners/intermediate level. It is the principles of economics that are emphasised, repeated and supported with notes. Very clearly explained and reinforced with notes and revision lectures. This course is IDEAL for the beginner who wants to advance quickly.

What you’ll learn:

Explain how to interpret elasticity
Using demand and supply, illustrate price determination
Examine the impact of tax/subsidies
Apply ceteris paribus
Evaluate the sugar tax and other Case Studies
Decluttering and impact on economy
Business application of microeconomics
Lean management
The art of letting go
Stroke risk – and what can be done
Learn microeconomics through football

Best Microeconomics Books 2022

Microeconomic Theory

Microeconomic Theory
  • Hardcover Book
  • Mas-Colell, Andreu (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Many instructors of microeconomic theory have been waiting for a text that provides balanced and in-depth analysis of the essentials of microeconomics. Masterfully combining the results of years of teaching microeconomics at Harvard University, Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael Whinston, and Jerry Green have filled that conspicuous vacancy with their groundbreaking text, Microeconomic Theory. The authors set out to create a solid organizational foundation upon which to build the effective teaching tool for microeconomic theory. The result presents unprecedented depth of coverage in all the essential topics, while allowing professors to “tailor-make” their course to suit personal priorities and style.

Topics such as noncooperative game theory, information economics, mechanism design, and general equilibrium under uncertainty receive the attention that reflects their stature within the discipline. The authors devote an entire section to game theory alone, making it “free-standing” to allow instructors to return to it throughout the course when convenient. Discussion is clear, accessible, and engaging, enabling the student to gradually acquire confidence as well as proficiency. Extensive exercises within each chapter help students to hone their skills, while the text’s appendix of terms, fully cross-referenced throughout the previous five sections, offers an accessible guide to the subject matter’s terminology.

Teachers of microeconomics need no longer rely upon scattered lecture notes to supplement their textbooks. Deftly written by three of the field’s most influential scholars, Microeconomic Theory brings the readability, comprehensiveness, and versatility to the first-year graduate classroom that has long been missing.

Microeconomic Analysis

Microeconomic Analysis, Third Edition
  • Hardcover Book
  • Varian, Hal R. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Third Edition continues to supply the building blocks of microeconomic analysis: a thorough treatment of optimization and equilibrium methods, coupled with numerous examples of their application. The Third Edition expands on the earlier editions in two ways. First, the coverage has been rewritten and rearranged. Second, chapters have been added on game theory, oligopoly, asset markets, and information economics. The new chapters fully update the text, highlighting significant developments of the last decade at a level that is accessible for first-year graduate students.

Advanced Macroeconomics

Advanced Macroeconomics (Mcgraw-hill Economics)
  • Hardcover Book
  • Romer, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The fifth edition of Romer’s Advanced Macroeconomics continues its tradition as the standard text and the starting point for graduate macroeconomics courses and helps lay the groundwork for students to begin doing research in macroeconomics and monetary economics. Romer presents the major theories concerning the central questions of macroeconomics. The theoretical analysis is supplemented by examples of relevant empirical work, illustrating the ways that theories can be applied and tested. In areas ranging from economic growth and short-run fluctuations to the natural rate of unemployment and monetary policy, formal models are used to present and analyze key ideas and issues.

The book has been extensively revised to incorporate important new topics and new research, eliminate inessential material, and further improve the presentation.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Microeconomics For Dummies
  • Pepall, Lynne (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 336 Pages - 02/01/2016 (Publication Date) - For Dummies (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 2
Microeconomics Made Simple: Basic Microeconomic Principles Explained in 100 Pages or Less (Financial...
  • Frakt PhD, Austin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 134 Pages - 05/16/2014 (Publication Date) - Simple Subjects, LLC (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 3
  • BarCharts, Inc. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 6 Pages - 05/31/2009 (Publication Date) - QuickStudy (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 4
AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics Premium, 2024: 4 Practice Tests + Comprehensive Review + Online...
  • Musgrave Ph.D., Frank (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 448 Pages - 07/04/2023 (Publication Date) - Barrons Educational Services (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 5
AP Economics Macro and Micro Prep Book: AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Study Guide with...
  • Tpb Publishing (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 250 Pages - 11/30/2020 (Publication Date) - Test Prep Books (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 6
Microeconomics: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
  • Dixit, Avinash (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages - 05/01/2014 (Publication Date) - Oxford University Press (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 7
Microeconomics Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide
  • Depken, Craig (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 336 Pages - 12/14/2005 (Publication Date) - McGraw Hill (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
Principles of Microeconomics 2e
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Greenlaw, Steven A. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
SaleBestseller No. 9
AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics: 4 Practice Tests + Comprehensive Review + Online Practice...
  • Musgrave Ph.D., Frank (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 440 Pages - 03/02/2021 (Publication Date) - Barrons Educational Services (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 10
AP® Microeconomics Crash Course, Book + Online: Get a Higher Score in Less Time (Advanced Placement...
  • Mayer, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 256 Pages - 03/23/2020 (Publication Date) - Research & Education Association (Publisher)

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